5 Easy-to-do Balcony Garden Ideas for Any Apartment

A small balcony with potted plants, perfect for a balcony garden idea.

A home garden is a natural statement décor that can tell a lot about you. It’s true, their absence may go unnoticed, but this is just one of the many cases of “you never know its pros until you have a glance, or experience it.”

Walk into any home with an outdoor or indoor garden, and you’ll fall head over heels with it for its natural splendor— even if everything else doesn’t startle you!

An enchanting stone building adorned with a blossoming window and elegant white shutters.

A small balcony with a table and chairs perfect for a garden idea.

And if you live on an upper floor and would like a garden, then you can take the garden craze to your balcony.

You’ll particularly love this idea because options are endless, and size is not an obstacle. That means you can do yours in many different styles, in a small or large balcony.

A display of potted plants on a balcony shelf.

Why Would You Need a Balcony Garden?

So why is the idea of a garden worth your time and effort? What do you get by welcoming flora into your home?

A succulent-filled terrarium perfect for a balcony garden.

  • Get a garden in a small apartment. If you don’t have room for a kitchen garden, then a balcony is the perfect place to build one.
  • Get more privacy. Use vegetation to create privacy in your balcony and create an impenetrable barrier to the prying eye of immediate neighbors.
  • Link with nature. Use this balcony garden idea if you live in the city, surrounded by architecture and all human-made stuff, but no view of the natural greenery.
  • Fresh air. Plants can help clean the air, especially in cities where pollution can be unforgiving.
  • A natural atmosphere. Adding green plants and flowers to your balcony gives your home a natural feel that nothing else can help you achieve.
Indoor Swimming Pools to Inspire

A balcony adorned with a wicker basket of flowers.

A rooftop balcony with a table and chairs.

Lastly, you can grow some produce. It doesn’t have to be much, but you’ll find satisfaction in seeing what you planted grow to spice up your meals.

5 Balcony Garden Ideas to Try

Balcony garden with potted plants and seating.

Which balcony garden idea for your apartment? Well, it depends on how far your imagination can go.

Two chairs and a table on a balcony with a garden view.

Let’s go through some designs to trigger your creative instincts. And after the read, feel free to try one depending on your space, garden’s purpose, and personal preferences.

1. A Garden on the wall

A balcony with potted plants, an awning, and a garden idea.

A small balcony garden with plants and a fountain.

A vertical garden on an empty wall is a simple, smart, and economical way to invite flora in your apartment.

Source the right hardware to support your upright garden from a houseplant store. But you can also use readily available materials and DIY.

The wooden stepladder is one simple trick, but you can also build a shelf to hold your greenery.

2. Let the greens hang

A wooden wall with pots hanging on it, perfect for a balcony garden idea.

Letting green plants hang can beautify your tiny balcony into an exquisite apartment garden where you can link with Mother Nature.

Sling plants in stylish vases and let them grow naturally. Drooping plants can help add an extra touch of splendor and greenery your verandah. Hanging greens can also create a lush backdrop and keep away nosey neighbors.

If you choose this design, ensure a sturdy support for all plants, and plan regular maintenance to avoid accidents from dropping or falling objects.

Lastly, you can supplement slinging plants with foot plants for a greener appeal.

3. Give your balcony a touch of Zen 

Light bulbs hanging from a glass ceiling, creating a unique balcony garden idea.

A garden-inspired balcony with flowers and vines.

Turn your veranda into a meditation area with plants, a sizable spring, and elements of a rumination space like Chinese statues, a Buddha statue, or whatever.

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You can also leave some room for your yoga training sessions if your balcony is spacious.

4. Create a minimalist garden with Houseplant pots on a table

Keywords: Wooden planter, potted plants

A minimalist greenery scene is the right pick for you if you don’t want a complex project, or your budget is tight.

You can achieve this by adding a few houseplant pots on your balcony table. And to complement this style, you install frame boxes flaunting all-season plants (that you won’t need to worry about).

5. Add thick green vegetation to make your balcony private

A balcony with a table, chairs, and flowers.

If you need a private balcony, then green plants and flowers are an excellent way to hide away from the prying eyes in the surrounding.

You may need a secrecy room for many reasons, and implementing this balcony garden idea is a smart way to achieve it without raising unnecessary attention.

Space and budget shouldn’t be a problem!

A balcony adorned with flowers.

Really, balcony space and money shouldn’t be an obstacle if you dream about a home garden. Use what you have and, most important, use your imagination.


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