Indoor Gardening Ideas & Start-Up You Can Try

Are you longing for a garden within your home premises but you cannot decide a good spot for it? Or maybe you just don’t have any space for it because you staying on a limited home space? Contrary to popular belief, homeowners do not need to have a dedicated backyard. They can incorporate gardening within the four walls of their homes. Have you ever heard of indoor gardening?

Yes, that’s right! Indoor gardening. Whether you are staying in a studio type or a small apartment, having one is possible. In fact, we have prepared a list of indoor gardening ideas you can try on to achieve that beautiful garden you wanted.

Window Plants

The easiest way to start that indoor garden of yours is to place herbs in small planters. If you don’t have any planters, you could even use small bowls or spare mugs to house plants. In this image, mugs and small bowls were used to house plants. They are well-positioned in a windowsill where plants are exposed to sunlight. You can use old books to add more detail and art. Additionally, placing planters near windows or to any visible areas does not let you forget to water them. Preferably if your window is near your kitchen sink, place the planters there for you to have ease of maintaining them.

Indoor miniature garden in a bowl, ideal for indoor gardening ideas.

Mini Garden

Having a miniature garden also adds a spectrum to your indoor garden experience. In case you have bigger pots, bowls, or anything similar lying around you can use to create a garden landscape you always wanted. Using old pots or even bowls that have large openings can be filled with garden soil, plants, rocks, and other decorative materials. You do not need to worry about where to place it as it is small enough to even place it anywhere indoors. Now that’s a huge difference with such a small piece!

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Water Garden

Old aquarium glass can go a long way for your indoor garden. Have you ever thought of a water garden? Yes, you have read that right. A water garden adds details and elements to your home space. Having one is easy. All it takes is just an old aquarium glass or it could be any glass, small pebbles, ferns, and water. In creating your water garden, using a fern is highly recommended as its roots are capable of withstanding even if it is completely submerged into the water. To add more natural elements, perhaps try adding a fish in it to compliment the miniature underwater scenery. Another optional feature is lightings. A yellowish warm light will surely add elegance, especially during the night time.

Hanging Garden

Does your balcony look dull at the moment and you feel like something is missing? You can try hanging some garden plants in it. It doesn’t cost you much to make one of these. If you have some light-weighted materials like small baskets or pots that can house a plant, and some hooks, and strings. That will do the trick in putting together your hanging garden. You could also try out in putting some spice in it. Decorating the outside covering of the material you used to house the plant to add more of a natural look and feel.

Garden Wall Boxes

Probably one of the most artistic approach we have on our list of indoor gardening ideas. Another way to elevate have your indoor garden experience within your living space is through the use of garden wall boxes. When we say wall boxes, we refer to the use of boxed-type planters as they fit in almost every shelf. A plus point for opting to go with this style of gardening is that you do not need to worry about it not complementing your overall interior design. It will never go out of style, in fact, it actually brings out that natural vibe and feel within the home.

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Air Garden

Do your old paintings and art frames look vanilla to you? Why don’t you try shifting to a more nature-centric style and go for air gardening? Picture framing your air plant lets you keep that same artistic effect an art frame emits. The only difference from a still frame and this, that is your putting life in it. Imagine framing your preferred air plant. Staring at it while its hanging gives you that awe of wanting to be with nature. It’s nice, is it not?

In case you are new to indoor gardening ideas, we recommend going in first with cactuses and succulents because both go well with the ease of gardening. These plants are known to be the best for beginners as they require less water to survive and they can grow with any level of exposure to sunlight.

If you happen to have any outdoor garden ideas that you want to incorporate them into an indoor garden. Go for it. You will be surprised at the result!

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