3D Printing – Taking Interior Design to the Next Level

A large yellow 3D-printed sculpture in a museum.

3D printing is creating quite a buzz today.  It is used in manufacturing, construction, medical and research fields but is now emerging on the interior design scene.  Innovative designers are creating furniture and household items that are taking interior design to the next level – the future.

A black lounge chair created through 3D printing in a museum.
A beautifully sculpted 3D printed lounge chair (Pinterest)
A 3D printer is on display in a room showcasing 3D printing technology.
A table created on a BigRep 3D printer (homeworlddesign)
A group of chairs on display, crafted using 3D printing technology, in an art museum.
3D printed chairs (Pinterest)

In 3D printing, items are created by an additive process, in which layers of material are placed in the printer along with ink.  Materials such as thermoplastics, rubber, metal, ceramic and polymers are used to construct pieces that are sturdy.

A factory with a 3D printing robot alongside a chair and table.
A table being printed on a 3D printer (readerstarred.blogspot)
A young boy sitting on a green chair created through 3D printing.
Yes, 3D furniture is sturdy (3ders.org)
A 3d printed model of a glass top table.
A 3D printed table (Pinterest)
A wooden chair with a 3D printed zigzag pattern on it.
Rich pattern enhances this 3D printed chair (strangeline.net)

Furniture designs have a fluidity to them that is appealing in modern rooms.  Flowing lines and shapes combine to create pieces of sculptural appeal, both beautiful and beautifully odd.

A group of white stools with lace designs on them created through 3D printing.
3D printed Monarch Stools by Freedom of Creation (freshome)
A white chair with a 3D printed wavy pattern.
3D printed chair by Biomimicry (theinteriordesign.it)
An octopus sitting on a chair crafted through 3D printing technology.
A beautifully odd chair created on a 3D printer (fubiz.net)
A 3D printed sculpture of a chair made of branches and flowers.
A beautiful 3D printed item (Pinterest)

Decorative wall panels and furniture accents made from 3D printing create designs that stand out.  A 3D printed room divider provides a colorful burst of sculpted interest in a space.  Cabinet panels created on a 3D printer blend with wood furniture for a very customized piece.

A 3D rendering of a room with red walls and a staircase created through 3D printing.
3D printed Macedonia Space Divider by Freedom of Creation (styleofdesign)
A home office featuring bookshelves and a desk, equipped for 3D printing.
Panels created with 3D printer accent this cabinet (Pinterest)

Lighting created from 3D printing is nothing short of beautiful.  With the ability to create lighting that is both decorative and functional, designers can now choose from highly stylish fixtures to accent homes and offices.

A 3D printed pendant light with a pattern on it.
A stunning 3D printed light fixture (74fdc.wordpress)
A wall is adorned with a series of 3D printed paper lanterns.
Wall sconces 3D printed (Laurabielecki)

Decorative accessories created with 3D printers range from vases and bowls to sculpture and architectural accents to enhance the home.  Interlocking pieces can be produced and then pieced together to form larger, more intricate designs such as columns.  There are even patterns available for the consumer to print and assemble at home, most notably the puzzle chair.

A white 3D-printed flower in a vase.
Vases created on a 3D printer (homeideasmag)
A 3D printed yarn sculpture in a conference room.
Interlocking 3D printed column (interiordesign2015)
A 3D printed chair made out of black and white pieces of paper.
The 3D printed puzzle chair (Pinterest)
A table with a 3D printed geometric design.
3D printed table (strangeline.net)

As 3D printing technology continues to grow, we may be seeing more and more mainstream designs on the market.  What do you think?  Would you decorate your home with 3D furniture and accessories?  Functional and highly creative, 3D printing is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s interior design world.

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