Today’s Log Homes for Advantageous and Luxurious Living

A rustic log home hidden in the tranquil woods.

Log homes are becoming increasingly popular today and for good reason.  Clear your mind of any preconceived notions you may have of the primitive log cabin nestled in the wilderness.  Today’s log homes are luxurious and have far-reaching benefits.  They are stunning examples of environmentally friendly, energy efficient, luxurious living.

A secluded log home nestled in the woods.
A luxurious log home (foreverandarecipe)
A spacious log home nestled in the woods.
Expansive windows in this log home (prefabhome-s)

Today’s log homes are 15% more energy efficient than a standard home due to the wood’s ability to hold temperature, thereby demanding less energy consumption.  Log homes are a natural sound insulator as well, giving the home owner a more comfortable environment.  The air quality in a log home is also superior, making it a good choice for those with allergies and environmental sensitivities.

A log home with a fireplace.
Traditional décor accent this log home (bloggingpet)
A large living room in a log home.
High ceilings in this log home (homeremodelingprints)
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Description: A cozy living room with a fireplace in a log home.
A beautiful log home interior (raft1)

Log homes are environment friendly, as they use natural renewable resources and the building process makes use of less toxic materials.  Although log cabins are more expensive to build, they hold their value well.  There is a higher demand than availability for them and log cabins are often quite luxurious.

Log cabin.
Gorgeous windows in this log cabin for an expansive view (dfdhouseplans)
A spacious log home nestled in the woods.
A log home nestled in the woods (fronthoz)

Now take a peek inside a few log homes and marvel at the beautiful craftsmanship.  Soaring ceilings, wood beams and natural finishes give these homes a unique look.

A spacious living room in a rustic log home.
Lofty log home interior (hochstetlerloghomes)
A pool table in a cozy log home living room.
A bright and airy log home (myhometone)
A log home with wooden ceilings and leather furniture.
Comfortable seating accents this log home (

Log homes can even appeal to those who prefer a more contemporary aesthetic.  Smooth wood and contemporary lines contribute to the more modern log home interior.  Accented with updated furniture and accessories, even an industrial look can blend well with a log home interior.

A cozy living room in a log home with a fireplace.
A contemporary log home (
A log home kitchen with a wooden ceiling.
A contemporary log home kitchen (ranario)
A log home living room.
An industrial look enlivens this log home (freshpalace)

The log home can be cozy and warm.  Large stone fireplaces dominate the living area, making this the central room of the house.  Cozy nooks beckon you to put your feet up and relax.

Beautiful Light-filled Rooms
A cozy log home with a stunning fireplace and a charming staircase.
Cozy living in a log home (georgehaas)
Log cabin bed.
Cozy bedroom in a log home (luxist)
A cozy log home living room with a fireplace.
A log home (ct-att)

Expansive space, open floor plans and vast picture windows are perfect for the nature-lover.  If wide-open space is what you crave, a log home is the perfect setting.  Some log home plans cover it all with raftered ceilings, open floor plans and beautiful views.

A cozy living room in a log home.
Expansive windows brighten this log home (homeplusdecor)
Log home living room.
Open space at a premium in the log home (luxuryloghomescolorado)
A cozy living room in a log home.
Beautiful views in this log home (

Kitchens in log homes are particularly beautiful, with a mixture of natural resources for countertops and flooring.  The kitchen is a warm space that is welcoming, where preparing meals is a joy.

A spacious log cabin kitchen.
Log home kitchen (newknowledgebase)
Log home with wood floors in the kitchen.
Beautiful log home kitchen (homylicious)
A large kitchen with wood beams.
Other natural elements highlight this log home kitchen (ARCD-5615)

You can truly surround yourself with nature by including a few extra unique elements in your log home.

The interior of a log home featuring stairs and a tree.
A very unique log home addition (goodiy-blogspot)
A rustic log home with antlers on the front door.
A grand entrance at this log home (Colorado Real Estate Diary)

Today’s log homes are far from the rustic little cabin in the woods.  They have become an alternative for many homeowners who are seeking more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and luxurious dwellings.  Take a second look at the log home.  You may be surprised by what you find.


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