A Transformational Makeover: The Revamped Eichler Living Space

Revamped Eichler Living Space (8)

The Challenge: Fragmented Spaces and Limited Functionality

The original layout of the Eichler home was far from ideal. Homeowners were greeted by a kitchen wall upon entering, and the house was riddled with disjointed spaces that lacked functionality. Adding to the complexity was the presence of an atrium, a feature the owners wanted to retain while improving the home’s layout.

The Solution: Strategic Reconfiguration by Klopf Architecture

The design team at Klopf Architecture took on the challenge with a clear vision. They reorganized the home’s interior to maximize space and functionality:

  • Bedrooms: Relocated under the flat 8-foot ceiling.
  • Great Room: Positioned under the higher gable roof.
  • Kitchen: Moved to a corner, allowing for a more balanced living area.

This strategic reconfiguration resulted in a well-proportioned, symmetrical great room that harmonized with the rest of the house.

Natural Elements: Skylights and Atrium

One of the standout features of the redesign was the incorporation of natural elements. A narrow band of skylights was introduced, and although the atrium was slightly reduced in size, it remained an open space. These changes not only brightened the home but also brought a touch of nature into everyday living.

Multi-Functional Spaces: Beyond Bedrooms and Living Rooms

The Klopf team went a step further by transforming a small front bedroom into a multi-purpose area featuring:

  • A laundry room
  • A powder room
  • A hallway leading to a spacious new home office/family room

This new space can also double as a guest room, offering flexibility for the family’s evolving needs.

The Outcome: A Seamless Addition

From the street, the new addition blends seamlessly with the original structure, as if it had always been there. But for the family, this transformation is nothing short of game-changing.

Points to consider while installation of Dining Tables

  • Project Team at Klopf Architecture: John Klopf, AIA, Lucie Danigo, and Biliana Stremska
  • Structural Engineering: Sezen & Moon
  • General Contracting: Keycon Inc.
  • Kitchen Cabinets: Henrybuilt
  • Photography Credit: ©2023 Mariko Reed
  • Completion Year: 2020

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