How to Easily Decorate Living Room By Season

A collage of different styles of living room decor perfect for seasonal decorating.
A collage of different styles of living room decor perfect for seasonal decorating.
Seasonal Overview (Houzz, World Effect, & Wayfair)

Your home should be a reflection of your life. Your day to day activities should not clash with your interior. Therefore, having bright blue decor during the fall can feel a bit off. If you decorate living room by season, your room will feel like an extension of the outdoors. Starting off with a neutral room is the best way to ensure that every season can be represented. At least three components need to be changed for each season for this to work: throw pillows, a piece of art, and a trinket.

A white sofa and a wooden table add versatility to your living room decor as you can easily decorate them by season.
Basic, Neutral Living Area (Houzz & World Effect)

To begin the process I chose a sofa and coffee table: Houzz’s Modway Chesterfield Sofa in White and world effect’s Lawru Coffee Table.


Decorate living room with painting and pillows.
Spring Living Room (Houzz, World Effect, & Wayfair)

Spring time is associated with flowers, pastels, and, of course, bunnies. In this spring living room design I featured a light pink pillow, a sky blue Moroccan pillow, a white furry pillow,and a floral pillow. I also found a white bunny figurine and a floral painting. Below is an example of implementing these colors and concepts into an existing home.

A white living room with pink and seasonal furniture.
Spring Living Room Example (roomdecorideas)


A living room decorated with seasonal pillows.
Summer Living Room (Houzz, World Effect, & Wayfair).

Summer can mean many things to many people. Nautical, beaches, poolside, or camping. In this case I chose a nautical theme with two navy and tan pillows one fish and one crab, one red lumbar pillow, a mermaid figurine, and a ship’s wheel. Below is a summery living room that also went with a nautical theme.

A blue couch in a living room.
Summer Living Room Example (styleathome)


A living room with a white couch and a coffee table that can be decorated by season.
Autumn Living Room (Houzz, World Effect, & Wayfair)

Autumn is identified with the varying shades of greens, oranges, and browns and that is what I hoped to display in this living room. I first chose the patterned pillow then chose a green, orange, and brown pillow that tied in to it. I also found a fall landscape painting and some mossy decorative spheres. Below is a good examples of the colors.

Importance of Re-Aligning Your Living Room
A living room with a tan couch and a coffee table, decorated seasonally.
Autumn Living Room Example (lushhome)


A living room with a chandelier and a coffee table, decorated seasonally.
Winter Living Room (Houzz, World Effects, & Wayfair)

Again, winter can be represented in a number of ways: blues and whites, reds and greens, or golds. I decided that in this design a great way to display the season would be reds, greens, and golds. I found a great red and green plaid pillow, matched it with a green one. I then found a “Comit & Cupid, Donner & Blitzon” pillow and matched it to a furry tan pillow. I brought gold in through three vases and an LED chandelier painting. Although finding a similar example was a bit challenging, the one below shows the concept of cozy elements and reds and golds.

Decorate living room with beige couch by season.
Winter Living Room (countryliving)
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