Various Ways to do Blanket Styling

A living room with a brown leather couch and blanket styling.

No matter where you live, you’re bound to have quite a number of blankets. Sometimes blankets can be bought for comfort, style or as a decor item. No matter which you choose for your blankets, there’s bound to be one laying on your couch or a near-by chair. Rather than just throwing your blanket (or possible blankets) onto your furniture, find a way to lay it nicely on your furniture for when guests come to visit. It doesn’t take much time, so it’s a small step to help stage your home so that it is ready for any event. Here are some of the top blanket styling techniques that you can use:



A styled living room with a couch and a mirror.

Do you have a blanket that is the same color as your couch cushions but has some texture or pattern on it? This could be a great way to maintain the clean color palate while adding some visual element for guest’s eyes to focus on. Like the above picture, it still has that contemporary, clean look but gives some texture that is much needed.

A black leather couch styled with a white sheepskin rug.

With fur or faux fur blankets, you can cease a unique look that can go with many couch cushion materials. They can also provide warmth in the winter or a place to relax in the summer heat. If large enough, cover both the upright and sitting portions of the couch. If there isn’t enough length or width for that, then consider placing it just on the sitting area, possibly with part of it draped off one side.

A blue and white bedroom with a bed and drawers styled with a cozy blanket.

Diagonal and lines are in style right now. It creates movement and vibrancy. This blanket styling is also wonderful, as it plays on the blue color palate, but mixes and matches textures and patterns to add further interest.

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