Totally Awesome Hand Towel Hangers

A wooden hand towel hanger.


Once you own your own house, you realize just how often you go through certain items like dish rags, blankets, wash cloths, and towels. That’s why you see many home owners that have their own closet devoted to linens that they can easily grab to replace others, whether they are just dirty from use or can no longer be used. Not all blankets and towels can fit into linen closets, and more often than not, the hand towels are they ones that get used most. Rather than setting out one in your bathroom, set out several, that way guests have options in case one is dirty or wet when they clean their hands. HomeStyler has found some nifty, cute and creative hand towel hangers that should give you inspiration for your own home!

Some hand towel hanger ideas are fairly simple and let you be creative. You can opt to make it yourself of buy one pre made online if there’s one that fits your style and needs. The two above are great examples of hanger ideas that can be made and they are completely unique. You can make them as big as you want, with the materials you want and hang it anywhere! Of course, you can even have it so that you can have Ā ‘his & her’s’ holders, or have 5 holders for you, your significant other and children. Either way, it’s up to you!

A small burlap bag serving as a hand towel hanger.

Some hangers can be made from everyday items, like above. This is cute, as it allows you to reuse something that might’ve been thrown out, which follows the current ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ vibe that our current culture has.

Creating the Perfect Fantasy Kids Room
A hand towel hanger made of wood.Š¾utstanding-towel-hangers-for-bathroom/

Lastly, here’s an idea for modern decor lovers. Sleek, sophisticated and relatively simple in design, this is sure to drawn attention and help make your bathroom add value to your home for potential buyers in the future.

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