Kitchen Counter Decluttering

A kitchen with yellow counter tops.

No matter how much counter space you have, whether it ranges from a small space by your sink to a long counter with an island, there never seems to be enough room for all your kitchen must haves. They seem to clutter up all the room sot hat when you actually want to cook something there’s no space for you to place the ingredients and cooking ware. Well, those days can soon be gone, as there have been crafty homeowners who have come up with some kitchen counter decluttering tricks. See below for some ideas to inspire you!

A decluttered kitchen counter with a microwave and a refrigerator.

Raise the roof…or shelving! Even countertop baskets can take up much needed space, so what can you do? Hang them up! Find some baskets that you like and attach them to the wall above your counter for easy access and a clean counter top. If you’d rather not use baskets, then shelving can work just as well. For the really creative, place the baskets or shelves at various heights along the wall. Either way, this is a great and relatively easy kitchen counter decluttering technique.

A clutter-free kitchen counter with an apple on top.

Nooks and crannies. Sometimes it’s not about creating space but using some that’s just not being utilized. Using the sides of cabinets or the area behind the sink is a great idea. You can place a small rack behind the sink to hole soaps and sponges, or place spices in a basket on the side of your cabinets. This helps free up space inside your cabinets for other items!

A decluttered kitchen counter with a three-tier tray and bowls.

Topsy Turvy. Rather than using a basket or some other large organization technique, try using a Lazy Susan or cupcake/cake holder. They lift up the items off the counter, so there is place underneath for smaller items or to keep it clean. They come in all sorts of sizes, so they can hold many different items.

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A white plate on top of a clutter-free kitchen counter.
A cluttered kitchen counter with wooden cabinets and jars.
A kitchen counter decluttering solution with a sink and apple basket.
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