5 Ways to Use a Shed For Hobbies In Your Backyard

Are you looking to expand your living space? Maybe you don’t have enough space in your home or garage for an office, a man cave, or storage? Perhaps you’ve taken up a new hobby, recently put in a pool, or have grandkids visiting more? It’s costly to add on to your home, and sometimes the logistics can make it impossible. That’s why you should consider getting one of our Keter resin storage sheds. Our sheds can be used for the conventional storage of patio furniture, yard equipment, and much more. However, did you know that you can also use our sheds for your hobbies? Here are five great ideas for ways to use your shed creatively.

1. She Shed or a Man Cave

Do you need a little extra space for painting, reading, relaxing, practicing yoga, dancing, or even just a palace to go that’s quiet? A shed is perfect for this. Many of our sheds have windows and ventilation which let in natural light and make it a pleasant place to sit. This can be ideal for a man cave or a she-shed. While sheds don’t come with things like insulation or electricity, things can be added on later, as your budget permits/if you have DIY skills. 

To make the shed more cozy, you can add things like rugs, couches, chairs, desks, shelving, etc. The walls can also be drilled into many of our sheds, so you can hang artwork on the walls and paint as you see fit. 

To give it a more airy appearance, you can always add in a few plants, maybe some battery-operated lights, and entertainment. There are so many options these days, for items that don’t require power, you might never need electricity in your shed to have light. 

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2. Small Business Office

While working may not be a hobby for you, some might consider their job a bit of a hobby if they enjoy what they do. Either way, a shed can also make a great office. This is especially important to bear in mind as many offices offer work from home as an option. Having office space in your house might not be in the cards. Even if you have office space within your home, it might be too loud or chaotic. So, moving operations for your small business or work-from-home job out to your shed can be a great option!

This also allows you to take calls from a quiet place and if your camera needs to be on, you can personalize the wall you sit in front of to look less like a shed wall and more like an office wall. As mentioned, most sheds don’t have electricity. So, you might need to get a generator, portable batteries, or some kind of extension cord if you need to power electric devices like laptops from the shed. You’ll also most definitely need wifi in your office. So, make sure to double-check the connectivity and consider getting a wifi extender, if needed.

3. Gardening Shed

At first blush, this might seem like a very conventional way to use a storage shed, but a gardening shed can be for so much more than just storage. Yes, lawnmowers, clippers, potting soil, and planters will all fit nicely into your shed. However, you could add raised garden beds like the Easy Grow planter to the inside of your shed. You could also add a long table, and use it to pot plants, germinate seeds, and much more. 

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While storage sheds won’t be as temperature controlled as inside your home, they will keep small seedlings and delicate plants out of the wind, out of direct sunlight, and away from birds and bugs. Many of our sheds also include windows and ventilation, as mentioned. So, the plants will still be able to get light within the shed. So, if you’re looking for a place where your green thumb will thrive, grab a storage shed from Keter for all of your gardening needs.

4. Makeshift Pool House

Do you have a pool but no poolhouse? It can be hard to find a contractor and expensive to get the materials needed to build a pool house. However, if you and your kids, grandkids, and friends love to swim, you need a place to keep all of your pool supplies. Things like chaise loungers, pool towels, gigantic floaties, chemicals for the pool, and more all need a place to be kept. While you can keep them in your garage or home, these items take up space, and they are more convenient to use if they are right next to the pool.

So, get one of our outdoor storage sheds and add durable cabinets for the chemicals and pool cleaning supplies. You can even lock the cabinet if you have kids around. Add a towel drying rack, a laundry hamper, and even a net for easy storage of your pool toys. It’ll make your experience much more relaxing and fun! Also, if you’re looking for some pool storage tips, read our pool storage tips blog!

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5. Playhouse for Kids

While this might not be your hobby, creating a place for your kids to hang out and play could be a great option for a storage shed and a new hobby for them. Storage sheds already resemble a small house, and so by adding some toys inside, you can create a cute space for your kids to play. Add in some seating, maybe a play kitchen, a puppet theater, and some sturdy craft items. 

Anything that can help your child cultivate a love of learning and spark imaginative play would be perfect! While the shed isn’t temperature controlled, it will keep out the elements such as rain, snow, wind, and direct sunlight. So, toys can be stored without the worry of them getting damaged like they might in a conventional playhouse that isn’t built to be weather-resistant. 

While there are so many great uses for a shed, ultimately, getting a shed is more about improving your quality of life. Whether that’s creating a space to paint, a place to store all of your bikes and outdoor gear, or maybe it’s storage that helps you declutter the garage. A sling as it makes your life better, that’s all that matters.

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