Stylish and Soak-worthy Bathtubs

Luxury bathroom with ocean view and modern hammock tub.

Taking a long relaxing soak in the tub is one of the simple pleasures in life.  Make it even more enjoyable with a beautiful bathtub.  Imagine a tub that conforms to your body and gives you the right amount of space.  Do you dream of an elegant tub that is the centerpiece to your bathroom?  How about a hammock tub or a beautifully crafted wood tub?  Let’s explore a few extraordinary bathtubs that will make you want to soak for hours.

A stylish bathroom with a large tub and sink.
Beautiful bathtub takes center stage (

Stand-alone & Shapely

The stylish curves of a stand-alone tub serves as a beautiful centerpiece in any bathroom.  The body-conforming contours of today’s tubs are visually graceful and ergonomically beneficial.  The shapes range from basic oval to those with an asymmetrical raised back for extra comfort.

A stylish bathroom with a white bathtub.
Simple and elegant bathtub for the modern home (
A stylish white bathtub in a modern bathroom.
Smooth lines enhance this bathtub (
A stylish bathroom with a large tub.
Simple elegance prevails with this bathtub (
A stylish bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub.
Elegant modern soak-worthy bathtub (
A stylish white bathroom with a bathtub and sink.
Lounging bathtub (

With a Shower

Stand-alone tubs can also incorporate a shower feature.  You can dedicate an area of the bathroom for a combination tub and shower.  A post or overhead shower is certainly possible with the right tub.  This saves space and makes a great feature, while still realizing a stand-alone tub option.

A stylish bathroom with a stone wall and a bathtub.
Luxurious bathing (
A stylish bathtub with a waterfall feature.
Circular tub for relaxing baths (


Does a see-through tub appeal to your design style?  Perhaps you want a visually lighter touch in the bathroom.  A clear tub takes up less space visually and offers a fresh take on the usual porcelain or vinyl.  Go one step further for a relaxing bath and splurge on a model that includes a lounger.  This is the ultimate in aqua comfort.

A stylish bathroom with a bathtub in the middle of the room.
Visionary bathtub (
Stylish glass bathtub.
See-through lounging bathtub (


If your style sense is a clean aesthetic, perhaps consider an in-floor bath.  Ease into the warm embrace of an in-floor tub and delight in this personal oasis.  With this design style, your bathing experience is on a whole new level.

How much is my House worth?
A stylish bathtub in a black bathroom with a tiled floor.
In-floor bathtub for luxurious soaks (
A stylish bathroom with red cabinets and a chandelier.
Modern in-floor soak-worthy bathtub (
A bathtub perfect for relaxing (


For a truly unique bathing experience, consider the hammock tub.  This is a new addition to the bathroom that is sure to please.  Step into this luxurious spa-like tub for a relaxing bath reminiscent of a lazy Sunday afternoon in a hammock under the trees.  The hammock tub is extremely stylish and fresh.  It is the perfect addition to a new bathroom or remodel.

A woman lounges in a hammock in a stylish room.
The beautiful hammock bathtub (


For an entirely different take on the traditional bathtub, consider a wood tub.  The beautiful grain of a wood tub offers a warm aesthetic to the bath.  Wood can be molded to pleasing shapes as well.  The variety of wood tones makes this an adaptable material to fit many bathroom styles.

A stylish wooden bathtub sitting in a room.
Wood bathtub (
A stylish wooden bathtub positioned on a wooden deck.
Wood bathtub is warm and inviting (
A stylish wooden bathtub.
Beautiful wood bathtub (


There are so many tub options when it comes to materials, shapes and styles.  Depending on available space in your bathroom, consider a corner tub.  This creates a cozy area for relaxing bathing.

A stylish bathtub with a light in a bathroom.
Corner bathtub ideal for smaller bathrooms (

A stone tub is a truly beautiful centerpiece of the modern bathroom.  Rich marble or quartz tubs offer a glamorous touch.

A stylish bathroom with a large tub.
Gorgeous stone bathtub (

A pleasing shape of tub can lift the bathroom from ordinary to extra stylish.  The right shape tub can be incentive to relax more with a soothing soak.  The shape is not only pleasing to the eye, but can prove very body-conforming for a better bathing experience.

A stylish bathroom with a large tub.
Soothing soak-worthy bathtub (
A stylish white bathtub in a bathroom with wooden floors.
Lovely soak-worthy bathtub (

Whether you are updating your bathroom or designing an all-new space, don’t forget the free-standing tub.  Many homeowners may consider removing a bath in lieu of a larger shower.  But with so many exciting designs and styles of tubs, this may be an option to reconsider.  Not only is a beautiful tub an enhancement to the bathroom aesthetic, but think of the benefits of relaxation and therapeutic soaking.

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