Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas to Transform Your Space

bathroom with ornate wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper are known as excellent tools for transforming a room effortlessly and without taking up usable space. This factor makes them particularly suited for bathrooms, where space-efficiency and functionality are crucial. Whether you are into romantic florals, playful fabrics or modern geometrics, wallpapers can be a great way to inject style into your bathroom without splurging on an elaborate makeover.

If you have been thinking of reinvigorating your little clean space but you need inspiration, read on to uncover some of our absolute favorite bathroom wallpaper ideas.

1. Moody

Mood lighting is great on its own, but combine it with the right wallpaper, and you have a vanity space that instantly connects you with your inner self. This classic bathroom, for instance, would be rather bland without the plaid pattern that gives it a bold moody tone, perfectly enhancing the dark wood around the room.

Anton Valiev

2. Trellis patterns

A uniquely visual wallpaper can bring pizzazz to an otherwise normal-looking space. In the bathroom below, the classic cabinet and window frames are complemented by grey trellis wallpaper, adding some subtle but much needed fun.

Graham & Brown

3. Subtle white

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be overly bright and bold to impress. This gorgeous white wallpaper features a subtle palm leaf pattern that complements the grey veins of the marble countertop with ease. It is the perfect understated look for a soft, comforting bathroom, especially if space is limited.

The Elegance and Charm of the Clawfoot Bathtub


4. Immersive

Make your space more interesting by getting a wallpaper that playfully teases your eyes every time you enter the room. This wonderfully quirky look features a continuous, immersive wallpaper that resembles an aquarium. The furniture and other elements are intentionally kept at a minimal to enhance the immersion.

Martins Camisuli Architects

5. Geometry

If you are after a fun-looking design with a uniquely intriguing touch, a wallpaper lined with geometrical patterns will do your bidding comfortably. The bathroom below, for instance, features a colorful play of rectangles and squares that make it wonderfully alive. It will surely be hard to imagine washing your hands anywhere else.

ABD Architects

6. Tropical

This birds-in-the-trees wallpaper is arguably the boldest one on this list, and it has been applied much more liberally in this bathroom. Keeping the rest of the space a neutral white and letting the wallpaper shine on its own is a smart move.

Shophouse Design

7. Animal print

Animal print may not be for everyone, but if you are a fan, you can add your personal style to your neutral-looking bathroom with a wallpaper like the one below. This bold animal print adds visual interest and movement without washing away the calm feel of the bathroom.

Ann Lowengart

8. Polka

It’s hard to go wrong with polka dots. When applied correctly, polka dot wallpapers can be the perfect final touch to your feminine bathroom. The gold and pink accessories may seem rather unusual, but they blend well.

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The Decor Detective

9. Nautical

Perfect for navigation enthusiasts and teenage boys, this nautical wallpaper conveys a strongly masculine but warm mood. Combine it with dark brown or grey furniture, a sink that resembles the hull of a boat, and a cleverly placed mirror and you have yourself a bathroom that will transport you to the far reaches of the sea.


10. Gold

If you are into gold décor, dare to go all in with a bold, paint-stroke-like wallpaper like the one below. This wallpaper makes the bathroom feel eerily organic and natural, as if you were staring at a gold-painted waterfall.


Wallpapers come in numerous designs, but not all of them are made to impress. Let our choices point you in the right direction towards giving your bathroom the makeover it deserves



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