Five outstanding bathtubs that will completely transform your bathroom

A woman relaxing in a hammock in a bathtub.

The bathtub is one of the most interesting components of furniture in the bathroom. On the market there are many different types of bathtubs, made with different materials and with different accessories, obtainable in many sizes and shapes and with different technologies.

A bathroom with a view of the ocean featuring a bathtub.
stunning bathtub with rectangular shape
A white bathtub in a bathroom.
modern bathtub with original shape
A white bathtub in front of a concrete wall.
contemporary bathtub with amazing shape
A pink bathroom with a bathtub.
creative and funny bathtub

Thanks to this wide range of products, available on the marketplace, everyone can easily find the bathtub that best fits the style of his bathroom.

  1. Bathtub hammock” Vessel by Splinter Works

The bathtub Vessel produced by the designer Splinter Work and shaped as a hammock is a real masterpiece of design and style. The idea of the designer was to combine the relaxation typical of the hammock with the calm, peace and relax of a warm bath. This bathtub is a real sculpture that remains suspended from the floor giving the impression of floating in the air. The Vessel bathtube, entirely made ​​of carbon fiber, is fixed at the walls with stainless steel brackets which may be visible or hidden . The bathtub is wide 80 cm and is long 2.7 meters. The lenght can be reduced to 2,5 meters in order to allow an easier installation. In addition to black color, the bathtub Vessel is available in red, pink, blue , yellow , silver and bronze.

A woman standing next to a black hammock in a room.
outstanding and elegant bathtub Vessel perfect for a modern bathroom

2. Biblio by Antonio Lupi

This creative and innovative bathtub was designed and projected by Antonio Lupi and it’s a fusion between a bathtub and a bookcase. Biblio is made of resin and wood and is a real piece of art that can add a touch of style, design and luxury to your bathroom. Price: $17,300

The Revolution of Industrial Decorating
A bathtub filled with books.
“Biblio” is the bathtub-bookcase created by antonio Lupi

3. “Overflow bathtubs” by KÄSCH

If you are looking for a stunning effect that will completly leave your guests without breath, the perfect choice is an “overflow bathtub” choosen from those created by KÄSCH. The idea of the designers was to combine the function of a bathtub with the beauty, the charme and the aesthetic of a swimming pool. The “overflow bathtubs” are available in different sizes and shapes.

A bathroom with a bathtub
overflow bathtub with round shape
A bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a view of the mountains.
squared overflow bathtub created by KÄSCH
A contemporary bathroom with a spacious tub and a waterfall.
amazing oval bathtub squared overflow bathtub created by KÄSCH

4. “Audrey Shoe” by SICIS

For the fashion addicted and for those who want something really astonishing the ideal choice are these bathtubs shaped as shoes. These amazing bathtubs have been created by the designer Massimiliano della Monaca and are produced by SICIS. The “Audrey Shoe” bathtub looks like a shoe covered with mosaics . The heel is 165 cm and this is the reason why this bathtub requires an high ceiling. The bathtub is an unique sculpture that can furnish your bathroom in an extraordinary way.

A woman stands with a high heel near a bathtub.
The unique shape of the “Audrey Shoe” bathtub

On the market there four different variants but all the bathtubs have the same dimensions: 270 cm long, 101 in width and 165 in height. Audrey 1 is characterized by an anthracite color and has a modern design with abstract lines.

A luxurious bathroom with a chandelier hanging above the bathtub.
“Audrey Shoe” bathtubs created by Massimiliano della Monaca

Audrey 2 is distinguished by its color lilac and silver with drawings of romantic flakes.

A high heeled shoe with sequins on it.
“Audrey Shoe” bathtubs by SICIS

Audrey 3 is covered with a bright silver mosaic and has the imagines of butterflies.

A high heeled shoe.
“Audrey Shoe” by Sicis covered with mosaics

Audrey 4 , is characterized by a silver background decorated with blue flowers.

A high heeled bathtub.
Audrey bathtub 4 produced by SICIS

5. Oversize bathtubs

The models of oversized bathtubs are perfect for those who have a large and wide bathroom. In this case , the bathtub Becomes the Focal Point of the decor and gives a touch of style , design and luxury to all the environment . On the market there are different models of oversize bathtubs : Those in circular shapes , oval , square , rectangular , angular or classic

 Tips to Improve the Look of Your Bathroom
A bathtubs with an ocean view.
outstanding oversize bathtub
A large bathtub in a bathroom.
elegant modern bathtub with circular shape
A bathroom with a bathtub.
classic, chic and elegant bathtub
A white bathroom with a bathtub.
oversize modern bathtub
A wooden bathtub in a bathroom.
contemporary bathtub with original shape

As you can see, with these amazing bathtubs is really easy to transform your bathroom in a unique space of charme, luxury, peace and relax.

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