Tapestries and Rugs as Wall Art

A living room with wooden beams and a rug.

Although rugs are generally thought of as floor items, there are many other uses for them. Tapestries also hold multiple uses that a homeowner can utilize to create a fun, inviting and unique atmosphere. It’s all about the purpose and design that will dictate how you may use tapestries and rugs as wall art. Home Styler has a few ideas to help get you started in this style technique.

A living room with curtains, tapestries, and a chair.

The first use for these is isn’t specific to any room, rather to¬†divide¬† a room. You can either divide a room within itself, or use it in an open doorway to create more privacy. Tapestries would be best if you choose to divide any room(s). For those that choose the first option, this is a great way to take a large space and divvy it up into smaller spaces with specific uses. Say you have a loft or a larger living room, this can be a unique way to create a divide between a living/recreational space and a pseudo-office space without feeling claustrophobic since the tapestry allows for air and movement. It’s also much more cost-effective than putting in a new wall to divide the space. The latter option of placing it in a doorway can help create more privacy for those that already have divided rooms but don’t have a door. It gives the sense of privacy but you are still able to move about without much constriction.

A living room with tapestries and rugs.

Tapestries and rugs are also great ways to create focal walls. Depending on the pattern and color(s), they can exude different emotions into a room while drawing attention to an area you want. They can also be changed throughout seasons or for celebrations to help set the mood. If desired, you can also frame them for a cleaner, sleeker appearance.

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For those that want to illuminate a handmade piece that was acquired from abroad or from a relative, placing them on a wall is also a great idea. This is a way that you can showcase these items and use them as conversation starters without worrying about them being messed up when placed on the floor.

A tapestry-look rug hanging on a wall.

As seen in the image above, there are also tapestries and rugs created to be art pieces. You can find some of these online, like on etsy.com, that bring a creative flair and texture to the wall, which is a nice way to stimulate guests visually.

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