Living room – decorating with black


Imagine the tuxedo or the little black dress.  It is refined, sophisticated and classic.  It is elegant and stylish.  It is daring and dramatic.  Now imagine these characteristics in your home.  Decorating with black is like enveloping your home in a tuxedo or slipping it into a little black dress.  Distinctly modern and brimming with elegance and sophistication, black transforms a bare room into one of stunning originality.

Photo source Cocozy
Photo source Cocozy

When decorating with black, prepare yourself for its dramatic appeal.  And contrary to popular belief, painting a room in a dark color actually expands the space because it makes the lines recede.  So large or small, make an impact with black in any room.

Photo source Decoist

The benefit of black is that any other color used with it becomes very vivid.  Artwork against a black wall really pops.  If you have a collection of framed prints or black and white photography, black walls make for a wonderful backdrop to highlight the work.


Incorporate pattern and texture for dimension by using a patterned wallpaper or upholstery and unique accessories.  By using layers of black you can create dimension as well.  Just as the tuxedo or the little black dress would not be complete without accessories, add gold or bronze accessories for a rich, elegant look.

Making the Most Out From Your Fireplace

modern-dining-room-ideas-4          basement after

Right photo, designer Candice Olsen

If you are not ready to plunge into total black décor, start with a few items.  Start with furniture upholstered or painted in black, black accessories and rugs.  Use another color or color combination with black.  Gold, brown and cream, red and white, vibrant green, yellow or fuchsia all work well with black.

Sharp black room
Black Dining Room Ideas Wall


Bold and always in style, black can turn a room into a refined and elegant space.  Small or large, any room in the home becomes well-defined by the use of black.  Consider the tuxedo or the little black dress.  Now envision a room that embodies the same style.



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