Create a Focal Point in Your Room Designs

A living room with a large painting as the focal point.

Every room needs a focal point; the very first element or object that catches your eye upon entering a room.  A focal point can be a fireplace, an architectural feature, a piece of furniture or artwork.  Once the focal point has been established, a room has more interest and appears more unified.

A living room with a focal point chandelier.         A living room with a fireplace serving as the focal point.

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When you enter a room in your home, what is the first thing that gets your attention?  If there isn’t one item that stands out, chances are there is no solid focal point in place.  Some focal points are built in, such as a fireplace, large window or architectural feature.  These can be accentuated to stand out even more with the use of accessories, creative window treatments or paint.

A living room with a focal point coffee table.

A living room with a black and white focal point on the wall.

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A large piece of art, such as a painting or a sculpture, is a strong focal point.  Install a light to illuminate and draw more attention to art, thus making it more of a focal point.  In a room that is a sea of neutral, a bright painting or sculpture makes a bold statement.  A grouping of photographs or other framed artwork make a strong statement.

A living room with a blue focal point wall and white furniture.          A living room with a focal point red and gold painting on the wall.

A furniture grouping can become the focal point in the living room.  A lighted cabinet with a collection of china or a spectacular chandelier are the instant focal points of a dining room.  The bed easily becomes the focal point in the bedroom with a beautiful headboard or lavish linens.

A mirror above a bed creates a focal point.          A living room with a white fireplace mantle serving as the focal point.

Once a focal point has been chosen, you can arrange the room to flow from that element.  The room will become more visually cohesive.  A focal point can create balance out of chaos in a room.

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