8 Amazing Bathroom Storage Space Ideas

Let’s face it: bathrooms usually have minimal space. And without proper arrangement, your bathroom can limit you from doing your activities.

That’s why you need to start finding better bathroom storage space ideas that will help you free up space in your tiny bathroom.

A bathroom with a blue tiled wall and ample storage space.

You want to eliminate the idea of towels lying lazily on the floor, items misplaced, electronics, and other items scattered all over.

Instead, you want an organized little bathroom that looks spacious and beautiful.

So if you have been procrastinating about freeing up space in your bathroom, then you will love this post and make it your reference any time you want to make a little tweak and free up space. Let’s dive in.

A white bathroom with a mirror, a chair, and ample storage space.

A white shelf in a bathroom with towels on it, providing storage space.

A bathroom with a medicine cabinet providing storage space.

A bathroom storage space with baskets and a rug.

1. Include Hooks (High and Low)

A bathroom with towels hanging on the wall providing storage space.

A person creatively organizes cosmetics for efficient bathroom storage space.

If you don’t have closets where you can hang your towels and other items, sticking hooks high and low can help you find a place where you can hang your towels and robes, thus freeing up space. You can choose to go with metallic hues to give your bathroom a lovely spark.

2. Feature an Over-the-Door Shelf

A white bathroom with wooden cabinets that provide ample storage space.

This will suit you if you don’t have a closet. So nail a tiered shelf over your door frame to help you in keeping linens and towels within your bathroom. With this, you will need to have a step stool to reach your door frame, of course depending on the its height.

3. Reuse Your Bar Cart

A bathroom with wire storage space for towels on a wall.

This is one of the bathroom storage space ideas that you can implement right away. It’s keeping your towels, washcloths, or any other items in a basket rather than leaving them lying lazily on the floor.

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4. Mount Magnetic Organizers

A bathroom shelf with toothbrushes and soap.

Mounting magnetic organizers is also one of the best bathroom storage space ideas that you can work on immediately. You only need to stick these magnetic organizers within your medicine cabinet to help in keeping your compacts, as well as your brushes neat and organized.

5. A Storage Ladder Would Do

A bathroom with ample storage space for towels and toiletries.

A storage ladder might as well free up space by helping you hang items such as towels. This is because a storage ladder will not protrude from your walls.

6. Corral Everyday Items

Red nail polish holder for bathroom storage space.

You always don’t want to leave your sprays or beauty products on the sink or put them in your medicine cabinet. Therefore, keep these items in a tray somewhere you can easily access.

7. Make Good Use of Lazy Susan

A bathroom with two sinks and ample storage space.

This bathroom storage space idea helps you to organize your bathroom cleaning supplies in the best place, so they are not scattered.

8. Stash Electronics Nearby

A bathroom vanity with two drawers providing ample storage space.

Forget about the plugs and cords that are lying everywhere by storing your electronics near the outlet to free up some space.

As you probably already know, there are numerous ways to make the most of your small bathroom. But these are the best bathroom storage space ideas you need to start implementing today if you are serious about freeing up space.


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