Best Bathroom Renovation Tips for 2021

A renovated bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink.

Since the pandemic hit the globe in 2020, people have been spending more time at their homes than outside. This is why we have been witnessing an instant surge in DIY home renovation projects, especially for certain indoor spaces, such as home offices, kitchens, and the bathroom. 

When it comes to your bathroom renovation, you would want to transform the bath into a beautiful and relaxing retreat. Here are X bathroom renovation trends that are practical and stylish, and relaxing with a touch of Spa in them. 

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1. Smart Toilets

Since the pandemic has hit the globe, cleanliness has been on the top of the mind of many of us, especially in certain indoor areas, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. While toilets have been a blatant nuisance to clean, smart toilets and smart bidets aren’t only a futuristic luxury, but they are also easier to clean and healthier to live with.

While speaking of smart toilets, you might also want to check out these commercial sensor faucets that are also an excellent bathroom upgrade to reduce and even eliminate interaction with germy surfaces. Smart toilets and sensor faucets incorporate hands-free components. 

A modern bathroom with wooden floors and a toilet, undergoing renovation.

The toilets have self-closing lids and a touch-free flushing mechanism. The self-cleaning technology of smart toilets induces a germs-killing light situated under the lid, which means that the self-cleaning mechanism of the smart toilet relieves you from getting exposed to germs. 

2. Quartz Countertops

As we mentioned before, the latest bathroom renovation trends include easier to clean materials and allow for a hygienic lifestyle. Quartz is not only easy to clean and easy to maintain but also resistant to stains and scratching. 

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That said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that quartz is being integrated into most parts of home renovation, so it should be no surprise that quartz dominates the manufacturing of bathroom countertops. 

A renovated bathroom with a walk in shower in white and blue.

Since frequent cleaning is an essential part of the new norms, the quartz bathroom countertops have soared in popularity as the quartz surface is non-porous and less prone to bacteria fostering, which usually happens in damp environments. The low-maintenance appeal of the quartz countertops is hard to resist. Besides, quartz countertops also imitate the look and touch of marble if the countertops are paired with natural wood

3. Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are the latest trends. They render a contemporary modern touch of style while allowing a better option of space-saving and customizing the fitting of faucets, bathroom sink, and other hardware. You can find stylish designs of floating bathroom vanities that include a countertop, sufficient storage space, and a sink.

An essential benefit of including floating vanities in the bathroom is that these make the cleaning process much easier. If you choose a wall-hung vanity, you will find it cleaner and airy than the typical bathroom vanity. 

A bathroom with a renovated shower and sink.

You have different storage cabinets to choose from for the floating vanities, such as vertically and horizontally placed storage cabinets. You can also opt for open or closed storage cabinets and have them adjusted higher or lower per your preferences. 

4. Medicine Cabinets & Back-Lit Bathroom Mirrors

If you are looking for an essential modern bathroom style, you can’t ignore a back-lit bathroom mirror along with the medicine cabinet. Not only will you enjoy the bathroom ambiance of your choice, but you can also make it bright in the day and dim, using it as a nightlight without inducing a glare on the bathroom mirror. 

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The back-lit mirrors are not only eye-catching bright, but they are also quite functional and practical in the bathroom. The back-lit mirror also induces the illusion of a floating mirror due to the glowing effect on the surrounding wall. 

The back-lit bathroom mirror can also create a main focal point in the bathroom. Simultaneously, it can also highlight the textured surface of the wall behind the back-lit mirror fixture. That said, if you want to add brightness to your bathroom space, we recommend opting for white tiles of white surface walls.

A renovated bathroom with a sink and mirror above it.

5. Durable Warm Colors

If you are a bit low on the budget but want to renovate your bathroom, you don’t have to break the bank. One of the easiest ways to renovate your bathroom without breaking the bank is by painting the walls, which is an efficient way to freshen up the entire look of the bathroom. 

Among the top choices for bathroom paint colors are warm and vibrant paints, which are also an ideal mix for the bathroom space where you start your day and end your day. Regardless of the paint you choose, you must opt for durable paint as this will help the bathroom maintain its fresh look for a longer time.

A renovated bathroom with blue walls and a white tub.

6. Heated Flooring & Wooden Tiles

Due to their versatility, porcelain and ceramic materials continue to be top-trending for bathroom tiles. Additionally, the unique benefits of porcelain and ceramic, you will find durability, resistance to bacteria and moisture building, the characteristics of hypoallergenic, and the easiness to clean and maintain the bathroom tiles.

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Besides, the ceramic and porcelain bathroom tiles come in a wide range of patterns, sizes, and colors. For the ultimate touch of comfort and luxury, we recommend contrasting the ceramic and porcelain tiles with natural wooden finishes. 

Another innovative bathroom trend that has emerged as a result of the pandemic is spas. For the ultimate spa-like touch, we recommend incorporating heated flooring in your bathrooms. You will feel warm, luxurious, and comforted as you can kick off your slippers and walk barefoot in the bathroom.

A bathroom with wooden floors and a bathtub undergoing renovation.


Final Thoughts

While renovating your bathroom, you don’t necessarily have to break your bank. If your budget is low and you still want to make some meaningful changes. For instance, you could just have an in-depth bathroom cleaning, change the bathroom paint color, and upgrade your soap, shampoo, and other toiletries. 

Adding a few indoor plants to the bathroom can change the vibe and feel inside the bathroom space. You could also change your towels and bathroom slippers.

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