7 Reasons Quartz Is Better For Countertops Than Quartzite

A kitchen with marble counter tops and quartz countertops.

Both quartz and quartzite are valuable materials to incorporate in commercial and residential spaces. Both of them provide exceptional durability and make the homeowner stop and stare for as long as possible. If you are looking for a countertop renovation, you might be muddled between choosing quartz and quartzite. It is possible to feel boggled and be spoiled for choices. But you must know that with the proper analysis, you will understand why quartz makes a better option for countertops than quartzite. 

In this article, we will help you understand why quartz is a better countertop material than quartzite. So read carefully until the end. However, before you move ahead, do not forget to read this article from Caesarstone for relevant information.

Quartz Avails An Assortment Of Colors And Patterns

One of the main reasons people have started to turn to quartz materials to build standout countertops is its availability of several colors and patterns. Exposure to such a wide range of colors and patterns allows the customers to be spoiled with choices and pick according to their preference. That is why you will find quartz in beautiful and vibrant colors like orange, deep pink, and violet. 

But people who opt for quartzite may not choose from such a wide range of colors and patterns. Generally, you will only be able to find shades of white and grey in them. The designs are also quite limited since they are created naturally. 

Quartz Repels Moisture And Microbes

The binding process of quartz has a non-porous surface that needs no sealing. As such, it works as an efficient barrier against microbes and moisture of different types. Such a thing makes room for minimal bacterial invasions and permanent staining. Since the cleaning process of these countertops is also quite simple, one does not need to brainstorm enough. All you need is to wipe up the wet spills using a water-dampened cloth or a soft sponge dampened with a firm surface cleaner. If you want to practice routine cleaning, any homemade surface cleaner applied on the countertop and left for ten minutes will do the job for you.

 When you compare this with quartzite, this is very different. Although quartzite can be cleaned using the same regimes, it is more susceptible to bacterial invasions and staining. So, you may demand to top it up with a natural stone sealer. It would help to allow the sealer to soak in for nearly 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe the countertop with a clean cloth. Once that is done, you will have to allow the sealer cure for 24 to 72 hours at a stretch. That is why it is wise to scout for quartz than quartzite since it is faster and easier to clean. 

Quartz Is More Affordable

When you head to buy a quartz countertop, you will notice that you have to pay less money for that compared to quartzite. Quartz generally requires you to pay anything between $60 to $150 per square foot. But if you purchase quartzite, you may have to pay $70 to $200 per square foot. Although the price doesn’t vary enough, it may make a massive difference in your overall budget.

 Since quartz is cheaper to manufacture as it is bound with pigments and resins, it is wise to opt for quartz rather than quartzite. But remember that the price may vary according to individual retailers. As such, Caesarstone can be your one-stop solution for purchasing these beautiful quartz countertops at fair prices. Don’t forget to check them out when you have the time. 

Quartz Is Not Prone To Etching

One thing that you must note is that etching cannot be compared with staining. Etching is an added layer of patina visible in high traffic zones or when exposed to specific lighting. For example, etching may show a discoloration that mainly resembles dark water spots next to your sink. Thankfully quartz is not prone to etching. That is why it makes for an excellent option for bathroom vanities. Although quartzite is also not prone to etching, it may not provide the seamless finish you may achieve by purchasing quartz countertops. 

Quartz Is Highly Long Lasting

Whenever people look for countertops, their longevity is one of the primary things to consider. Thankfully quartz countertops offer solid durability that you may be unable to find in any other countertop materials. Although quartzite countertops may promise durability, they may not be stain-resistant like quartz. As a result, you can not always count on them safely and conveniently. That is why, given the option to choose between them, we always recommend people to go for quartz countertops. We promise they will not disappoint you. 

Less Maintenance Required

When you look for any countertop material, you will always notice that it is pretty challenging to maintain them. For example, granite requires annual resealing, marble needs constant cleaning, and quartzite demands continuous attention. Thankfully, if you choose quartz countertops, you do not have to spend hours on end maintaining them. This is because quartz does not require any sealing and special care. Also, it can do with a mild cleanser daily is a cherry on the cake. But that is not all. It also helps avoid any staining easily and promotes a long-lasting material. 

Easily Mimics Any Material

Since quartz is available in different colors and patterns, it is pretty easy for you to want them to mimic any beautiful material. Such a thing may be rather tricky in a place of quartzite countertops. Such a thing is because they are made from natural stone that may reduce their versatility. 

The Bottom Line

There are endless reasons to choose quartz anytime over quartzite. Quartz is also known to have a more extended warranty period with a stable price. If that is not enough, it is also anti-bacterial and highly environment friendly. So, there are hardly any reasons for you to hesitate further. Tap into Caesarstone’s website and avail your favorite quartz countertop right away. 

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