10 Ways to Achieve a Victorian Gothic-Inspired Home

Does all-black come to mind when you imagine the best interior décor for your home? Have you always been inspired by Gothic stories and the tough of having animal bones and feathers in your home? If so, you should consider adopting Victorian Gothic-Inspired architecture.

The dramatic accents that come with a Gothic design instantly add a touch of offbeat opulence and historical relevance to your home. It also communicates an understanding of historical architecture, separating you from the rest.

Fortunately, transforming your space into a Victorian Gothic-inspired home isn’t too difficult. The following are ten tips to get you started.

1. Add black decorative accents

Obviously, the primary color in gothic décor is black. However, this doesn’t mean that you go all-black. All you need to do is add black accents throughout your home in a thoughtful way. For instance, you can have a black carpet or bring in a black area rug over selected areas of the carpet. You can also go for black door handles and flower pots.

A Victorian Gothic-inspired bedroom with a bed and a dresser.
victorian gothic-inspired bedroom

2. Go for dark furnishings

If you’re feeling extremely bold about your gothic experiments, feel free to paint all your walls black. It can be slightly terrifying to your visitors, though. So, beware. Alternatively, a more subtle way to create a gothic interior is to add black furnishings, such as a black sofa or coffee table. In fact, some designers recommend white walls and black furnishings.

3. Consider gothic wallpaper

Most stores have specially designed gothic wallpapers. Alternatively, you can go with a few patches of black. Anything black instantly communicates a gothic design. However, if you’re serious about creating the best gothic experience in your home, consider looking online for gothic design stores. These stores sell customized wallpapers with gothic inspirations. Wallpapers can be particularly useful if you’re living in a rental.

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A Victorian-inspired bathroom with black walls and a wooden vanity.
10 ways to achieve a victorian gothic-inspired home

4. Add texture to your home

Texture is key to the Victorian Gothic ambiance. Therefore, it’s very important that you select fabrics for your home carefully. Ideally, you want to go for sumptuous materials such as silk, satin, and velvet for upholstered furniture, window treatments, and beddings. However, rougher textured fabrics such as linen, tapestry, and tweed also work in this décor.

5. Choosing draperies

Draperies that work best for the Victorian gothic-inspired home are functional and decorative ones similar to those used in the 1700s. Back then, the primary purpose of the curtain panel was to prevent draft from coming into the house. Thus, long, heavy drapery panels covering the entire window were standard. Adorn the draperies with opulent tassels, tiebacks, and fringes.

An ornate Victorian Gothic-inspired room with a fireplace and a checkered floor.
10 ways to achieve a victorian gothic-inspired home

6. Selecting accessories

Victorian gothic accessories add an aura of style while also boosting drama. If you’ve checked around, you might have noticed that gothic homes are adorned in layers of ornate accessories that also boost flair. So, go for pieces that contain heavy wrought iron, wood, metal, and stone. Pottery bowls, wrought iron lamps, and wooden scones are all excellent choices.

7. Set the mood with candles

A gothic home isn’t complete without an inordinate number of candles. The candles are both symbolic and functional. They add a layer of visual interest as required in gothic design while also providing a source of lighting. Additionally, candles add warmth and glow to space. For the best results, mix and match the colors and sizes.

8. Bring in a chandelier

A Victorian Gothic-inspired home office with a fireplace and wood paneled walls.
10 ways to achieve a victorian gothic-inspired home

Unfortunately, candles are rarely enough to create enough lighting throughout the home. So, what do you do? Add a chandelier! Chandeliers add a feeling of opulence to your space. You don’t have to go for a grand chandelier. Even a small one will do the trick. The idea is that you want to demonstrate opulence and not many interior décor elements do that better than a chandelier.

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9. Lancet windows are a must

A lancet window is a narrow, tall window that is pointed at its arch. The windows are typically made of glass, surrounded by heavy moldings. You’ll often find this architectural motif in medieval homes and churches. If you can’t add a lancet window to your exterior walls, do it on the interior walls. Alternatively, create a few lancet window-shaped elements into the home through glass windows hung as artwork.

A Victorian Gothic-inspired bed in a room with stained glass windows.
10 ways to achieve a victorian gothic-inspired home

10. Molding and details

Finally, a Victorian gothic-inspired home also never misses bold moldings. You’ll often find thick crown molding lines of the ceiling edges, square panels that decorate the walls, and chair rails running the length of the hallway. Trim is literally everywhere in such homes. Even the home library often has dark wood wainscot panels.

Now You Know 

If you’ve always wanted to transform your home into a gothic paradise, all you need to do is implement the ten tips above.


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