5 Reasons You Should Use Area Rugs in Your Home

A living room with an area rug.

Area rugs add many things to a room, including style and color.  They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any space.  The natural and synthetic materials used to produce area rugs makes them a versatile addition to any style of room at any given time of year.  Here are the top five reasons you should use area rugs in your home.

A black and white area rug with writing on it.
Fun area rug adds character (moderurbanliving)
A living room with brown and white furniture and a zebra area rug.
Animal print rugs add great style to any room (beautifulhomedesigns)
A living room with white furniture and an area rug.
Subtle tones in area rugs add dimension (decozilla)
  1. Color. Area rugs add a burst of color, giving an instant lift to a room.  Even the most subtle tones can give depth to existing room colors or create a pleasing contrast.  Color-blocked rugs add modern interest and the beautiful patterns of Oriental rugs blend well with traditional rooms.
A living room with colorful area rugs.
Area rugs add color to a room (amazinginteriordesign)
A living room with a orange area rug and wooden floors.
A pop of color adds interest (innovationsid)
A living room with couches and a colorful area rug.
Color-infused area rug (skroutzondeck)


A living room with a purple rug and area rugs in purple and white.
A burst of color (popularhomedesigns.blogspot)
  1. Anchor a room. Rugs draw interest and provide a definitive visual weight to a room.  They anchor the room in a way that brings form to a furniture arrangement.  Make sure the rug is of the same scale as the furniture layout.  Don’t place a tiny area rug in a room of substantial size.


A modern living room with black furniture and blue accents featuring area rugs.
Area rugs anchor a room (luxtica)
A living room with brown furniture and a beige area rug.
Area rug anchors the furniture arrangement (HGTV)
  1. Inspires your room design. An area rug can be the starting point to your room design.  Choose colors or patterns in a rug and repeat them in the furnishings and accessories.  You may see a rug that has wonderful colors or a unique design but you haven’t decided where to go with your decorating.  Let the rug inspire you.


A living room with a stone fireplace and area rugs.
The room mimics the colors of the rug (lovelyhomedesigns)
A living room with colorful area rugs and a fireplace.
Colors in the room highlight those in the rug (decorola)
A living room with a deer head on the wall decorated with area rugs.
A neutral palette is drawn from the rug (geahvet)
  1. Define an area in an open concept home. Area rugs are a wonderful tool in the open concept home.  They can easily define a seating area or divide particular spaces in a home.  In the open concept home, an area rug underneath the dining room table and one in the living area instantly transforms those spaces for their individual uses.
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A living room with hardwood floors and area rugs.
Define spaces with area rugs (Houzz)
A living room with large windows and an area rug.
Define seating areas with area rugs (soothingwalls)
A living room with hardwood floors and area rugs.
Seating area defined by rug (homesdir.net)
  1. Practical reasons. Area rugs have many practical uses as well as decorative.  Area rugs preserve carpets and hard surface flooring.  They provide comfort and act as sound buffers.  They can even save on your energy costs, providing an extra layer of insulation.
A living room with zebra area rugs and hardwood floors.
Layered area rugs add extra comfort and sound diffusion (kaigyoshien-ring)
An area rug in a room.
Area rugs protect wood flooring while adding style (gradcmu.net)
A living room with an area rug.
Cozy area rug offers great comfort and style (bndesign.net)

Area rugs are a versatile decorating tool in the home.  They not only add beauty, color and dimension to a room, but they define a space and provide comfort.  They are an excellent source for flooring protection and sound buffering.  Beautiful and practical, area rugs are an integral part of interior design.




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  1. The part of your article that talked about how rugs can also act as sound buffers was really intriguing. We’ve recently went with a more open-concept house ever since we remodeled the place, and while I really enjoy how it turned out, I can’t help but want to reduce the amount of noise that’s easily transmitted through the house. I’ll start looking for any place I can get hand-crafted rugs from so we can enjoy a cozier, quieter house.

  2. Afton,
    So happy to hear that! Yes, area rugs are a great way to cut down on noise, especially in open concept homes. I know first hand, as my home is open concept with hardwood floors. Area rugs help aesthetically to pull a space together and keep noise down.

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