How to add gold to your living room

A living room with a view of the ocean and gold accents.

Gold has been a popular choice from interior design, a trend that dates back centuries. The luxury and elegance of gold, and the cost of the precious stone, means that gold tones are the ones to choose if you’re looking to put a special stamp on your living room. Its sparkle and nod to extravagance makes it the perfect colour to make a room feel special.

Muted gold tones can add warmth and luxury to a calm and chilled out home (


Subtle splashes of gold décor can enhance a light and simple room (

Gold accents are an intelligent way to add sparkle and a subtle hint of luxury to a room that you don’t want to overpower with metallic or bold colours. Sometimes, less is more.

There is an entire spectrum of gold tones available to use (

There are so many tones of gold we can use in our homes, from warm to cooler tones, and bolder and more metallic textures. Play with shades to make sure you get the tone that fits your living room and your home the best.

Gold isn’t restricted to contemporary living rooms (


The Art Deco movement is currently enjoying a comeback (

Gold is a classic colour and can be used in almost any style of home. Contemporary minimalism, traditional shabby chic, and the returning Art Décor trend can all benefit from stylish and intelligent use of gold tones.

Make gold stand out by adding it to cool and simple monochrome rooms (

All in all, gold is a warming and luxury colour that adds sophistication, fun, and elegance to any living room of any style.

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