Top Tips To Help Ensure You Are Ready For Winter Pests

There are two times of the year when pests are more likely to enter your home. One is in the spring when the weather is warming up. But, this is actually a direct result of the other time, the autumn. During the autumn pests will start looking for somewhere warm to settle for the winter. They usually prefer somewhere that is warm, has moisture and gives them access to food. If they have all three of these they will be very happy! 

Your house is likely to offer these conditions. That’s why you need to book an inspection from a pest control company early in the fall or even the late summer. This can help you to protect your house from pests before they arrive and eradicate any that are already visiting. 

Contact them as soon as possible and get a check over here. When you realize how much damage winter pests can do you’ll be glad you eliminated them before the winter started. 

Seal Your Home

Take a walk around the inside and the outside of your home and look carefully at all the walls. If you find any gap or crack you’ll need to fill it with sealant. This may seem excessive but consider this, a mouse can get through a hole as small as 6-7mm while a small rat can get through a 20mm hole.

Of course, a variety of insects and other pests can get through even smaller holes. Sealing your holes up will make it harder for pests to get in.

Check For Leaks 

Pests need moisture to survive which means they will be more attracted to your home if you have water standing around or a leak. 

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Start by checking your yard and your gutters to locate any standing water and eliminate it.

Once you have done this you can move inside your home. While water leaks are usually obvious thanks to the stain on the floor or ceiling, the best way to check is to take a water meter reading. After you have done this leave the water on but don’t use any for a couple of hours. You will then be able to read the meter again. If the reading has changed you have a leak and you are going to need to track it down and fix it. 

Keep It Clean

It is also a good idea to keep your house as clean as possible. That means vacuuming the floors and wiping down surfaces. The key ones are where you prepare food and where you eat it. This is where you are most likely to leave crumbs that will attract pests.

Tidy Clutter

Finally, you should also look around your home to ensure you don’t have any clutter, particularly piles of items that are not used or moved. They represent a perfect hiding spot for pests, making it easier for them to work their way around your home.

By spending a few minutes preparing in the fall and by staying vigilant, you can prevent any significant pest problem from happening.

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