How a Floating Vanity Instantly Adds More Space in Your Bathroom

A white bathroom with a large window and a floating vanity.

If your house has limited bathroom space, you know more than most do, that every square inch counts. Nevertheless, have you ever stopped to think just how much room your traditional vanity occupies? Do you know that you can make it more space-efficient?

Floating vanity started as a minimalist design statement, but soon blossomed into a movement. Read on to discover why this move is right for you.

1. Makes any bathroom look instantly bigger

Freeing up floor space is a straightforward way to decongest your bathroom. If you opted for a heavy, bulky cabinet when you moved into your home, mount it on the wall to create a few inches underneath for a bright and airy impression.

A bathroom with a white floating vanity, sink, toilet and tub.

2. Utilizes vertical space

Standard vanities are limited on the different height possibilities available for that piece. Too tall and your children might not be able to reach, and too short and you could hurt your back bending down to wash your hands.

A floating vanity overcomes this problem by enabling you to work with the height you choose.

A modern bathroom with a floating vanity, sink, and mirror.

3. Makes cleaning easier

Cleaning the bottom of a bathroom vanity is typically one of the most laborious chores for any home. If you are tired of spending a whole hour to remove the buildup below the cabinet, give it some height. With an off the floor vanity, all you would need to do to tidy up is to run a mop underneath.

A bathroom with two floating vanities and a mirror.

4. Opens up new storage opportunities

If you own a small bathroom, maximizing space should be at the top of your mind. With a floating vanity, you can leave enough space between the cabinet and the floor for storage baskets and hampers. Underneath your vanity, towels and toiletries can remain cleverly disguised while still within reach.

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A bathroom with a floating vanity and wicker baskets.

5. Exposes your beautiful tile work

Creatively intricate tiling is meant to be showcased. When your vanity covers the floor and takes up half of the wall, you miss the opportunity to put your tiles on full display. A floating countertop allows you to extend your tile or wallpaper work all the way to the floor. It is also an effective way to break up the monotony of wood-on-wood d├ęcor and make your bathroom light and visually appealing.

A bathroom with a white floating vanity and white tiled walls.

A standard bathroom vanity always looks classic and traditional, but when you want more space, functionality or personality, a floating vanity can be an excellent alternative. Get your cabinetry off the floor today and unlock the benefits above and many more.

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