Christmas lights as a year-round decoration

A collage of images showing different types of lights, including year-round Christmas decorations.

There’s something really magical about the little glitter lights that we so naturally put in our apartment when it’s Christmas time. Besides the holiday atmosphere, they give a feeling of warmth and joy for most people.

Among many Pinterest ideas, we have found some that will surely make you happy if you want to keep Christmas lights on throughout the year. And no, it doesn’t seem at all outlandish as you first thought. In fact, the ideas are pretty cool.

Small decorations

A series of photos showing different types of string lights in bottles, serving as a year-round decoration.
Putting lights in jars or bottles will create an elegant and unique decoration for your home

For similar ideas to these, you really don’t need anything special. A little bigger jar or bottle will be sufficient, put your lamps in, and that’s all. You can add some artificial flowers on top, a wooden crib beneath the jar, or a ribbon on it. The effect will be better if you put two or three bottles or jars to make it more featured. Just make sure that the lamps don’t touch the flowers or the ribbon directly so that they don’t cause a fire if heated.

Photo holder

A collage of photos hanging on a wall with Christmas lights as year-round decoration.
The lights will look great as a holder for your favorite photos

Another great idea is to set the lamps as a kind of rope to hang your favorite photos. Simply attach the lights to the wall with glue or nails and use the clips to add pictures. This can be a small wall of memories to put photos of your loved ones, your favorite travels, etc.

The shining wall

Four pictures of a bedroom with year-round Christmas lights and a mirror.
Framed lamps instead of wall paintings are a dynamic and creative solution

With lamps, you can decorate a part of the wall where you have nothing. You can frame them with the frame, as shown in the picture, to create your own unique wall decoration that will cheer you up every time you light it.

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Dining table decoration

A year-round collage of pictures with Christmas lights in a dining room.
Placing lights above the dining table will delight any guest

The picture shows how this can work above a table in a garden. But you can apply the same principle to your dining room table. Simply place the lights above the table, adding a touch of elegance to each meal. Friends will surely be delighted with the bright decoration while enjoying good food and drink.

Decorative cans

A collage of lanterns, including Christmas lights as year-round decor.
Drill the holes in the cans yourself in the shapes you want

You can make quite a decoration using old cans you find. Just punch holes in them in the shapes you want, hearts, flowers, letters, etc. Put lamps in the can and let the light do its thing. Of course, you can also paint the cans in attractive colors beforehand, and the lamps themselves may not be completely hidden in the can. the part may also remain outside.

You can use light decorations in the bedroom as well, above the bed, for example, etc. Free your imagination. There is no reason for the lamps to be reserved for the Christmas period only.

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