Studio Apartments That Are Small In Size But Huge On Style

A bedroom in a studio apartment with red walls and a bed.

Studio apartments that are small in size but huge on style are found in most urban areas. Indeed, urbanites choose studio apartments for lower rents. The tinier the apartment, the lower the rent. Therefore, urbanites can live close to amenities on a small budget.

In fact, the small studio apartments represent freedom for their tenants. They’re free from long commutes. They have more time to spend exploring the city. In fact, they have more free time in general. They hardly need to spend their time cleaning.

Do they sacrifice style? Absolutely not! Most certainly, small doesn’t equal shabby in a modern studio apartment.

There are two main ways to arrange a studio apartment. Some tenants choose to keep the space wide open. This gives an airy, spacious feel. On the other hand, other tenants visually divide up the space. This gives a cozy, warm feel.  Either way is right, it’s a matter of personal choice.

Naturally, it is easier to see this in photos.  Below are examples of open concept studios:

A studio apartment with a brick wall.
Indeed, this brick studio apartment is open, clean, and modern.
A studio apartment with a bed and a couch.
This studio apartment features a dramatic accent wall.
A bedroom in a studio apartment with red walls and a bed.
This tiny, stylish studio oozes high style.

Conversely, some tenants divide up their space. They use open shelving or sheer fabrics to divide the space. The look is kept light so that the space doesn’t look cluttered. See the examples below:

A 3d rendering of a small studio living room.
Open shelving divides this apartment. Also, it adds needed storage space.
A studio apartment with a couch and TV.
In addition, white shelving pops against a feature wall.
A white bedroom with curtains, perfect for studio apartments.
Sheer fabrics give privacy in a studio apartment.
A blue and yellow studio apartment with a desk and chairs.
In addition, gauzy fabric keeps the studio apartment a place to store items.
A modern studio apartment with a bed and a couch.
Define space in a studio with clever use of fabric.

On the other hand, sometimes space is divided by the architecture. Below, notice the island defines the space. However, it still feels open.

A studio apartment with a bed and a kitchen.
Well defined studio apartment space.

Finally, design with storage in mind. Find clever, creative solutions. Waste no space, don’t allow clutter.

A space-saving bedroom with a white bed and storage drawers.
No space is wasted in a studio apartment!

This clean feeling is what gives style to modern studio apartments.

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