Lofty Loft Beds for Tiny Studio Apartments

A collage of pictures showcasing multiple loft beds.

Loft beds are becoming essential for living in a tiny studio apartment. Because of a studio’s small size, there is no space to waste. This means that the resident must take advantage of every storage trick up her sleeve. This includes loft beds made especially for adults.

We’ve talked about studio apartments before, but this article gives a new twist on this old topic. Take a peek.

Loft Beds That Add Style to Studio Apartments

A small bedroom with a loft bed.
This studio has a fantastic office area thanks to the raised bed.|Pinterest
A woman sitting on a loft bed.
Upper half? Cozy sleeping space. Lower half? Shoe racks and closet space. | The Spruce
A living room with a loft bed.
The calm white loft over adds an interesting detail to this white and airy studio apartment. | Rebloggy
A small apartment with a kitchen, couch, and loft beds.
Because of the black and tan wood, this loft bed over an office space is calm and stylish. | Homedit
A loft bed in a green-walled room.
Naturally, the space below this bed is put to good use. But, do you see that the stairs are also storage drawers? | Pinterest
Two individuals seated on a loft bed in a small bedroom.
The transom window makes this loft bed a bright and welcoming space by day and a cozy retreat by night | The Spruce
A small bedroom with a loft bed.
A loft fit for a queen. Yep. That’s a queen-sized bed. A cozy reading nook is below. | Refinery 29
A loft bed combining a couch and stairs.
No space to waste? This Swedish-inspired loft bed has space for seating below. Also, note the clever storage drawers under the sofa.| Giesen Design
A loft bed in a spacious loft bedroom.
Here’s an up-close look at an industrial chic loft bed. Child sized? Nope, that’s for an adult! | The Spruce
A room with a loft bed and a desk.
Because of the high ceilings, this loft bed is truly lofty. In fact, it creates enough space for a small table and chairs below. | Pinterest

Don’t let living in a tiny studio apartment hold you back from having the space you need. When you add a lofted bed to your apartment, you can literally live the “high” life.

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