Space Saving Design Elements For Small Space & Apartment Living

A space-saving bedroom with a white bed and storage drawers.

I lived in three apartments over the past six years, and I became masterful at incorporating space saving elements to enhance my small space. Currently, my husband and I have settled into our permanent home.

Our permanent home is a mid-century, two bedroom 1400 square foot rancher. Therefore, we have continued to utilize the space savers to give our home a more spacious and open feel.  After all, we all want to feel like we have a large home even when that’s simply not possible.

Use care and common sense in your space saving techniques.  For example, an apartment renter may not want to cut holes into the walls to create storage nooks. And, your landlord will NOT be impressed if you add built in storage pieces.  Therefore, I am focusing on furniture pieces and design elements that only require simple installation or mounting.

Select furniture that does double-duty.  Always keep an eye open for elements that will serve at least two purposes.

This lift top coffee table offers clean, contemporary lines and the bright white color is cheerful.  Imagine, you can kick back and relax with a glass of wine after work.  Or, you can lift the top up and do crafts or work from home.  Also, do this with a glass of wine! As you can see this storage and work space combination is incredibly useful.


A white coffee table with two space-saving drawers.
Space Saving Lift Top Coffee Table (


I have been challenged by where to put overnight guests in my small space.  Of course, we all know about those lumpy sofa beds.  And, let’s not even think about how heavy they are when you move!  The ottoman beds shown here turn into a comfortable bed in a flash. Moreover, these ottoman beds are a simple and stylish addition worthy of your small space.

Update Your Kitchen With Blue Cabinetry
Space-saving ottomans with a mattress on wheels.
Ottoman Bed
A space-saving bed with a mattress.
The Ottoman Bed – Space Saver Genius! (


This storage bed offers beauty, functionality, and comfort. The white beadboard is a timeless classic and blends into any decor.  Meanwhile, the you can display a shoe collection, hold photo albums, or house storage baskets.

A space-saving bedroom with a white bed frame and drawers.
Space Saver Storage Bed

In addition to furniture, use other design elements that are space saving. After all, apartments and small homes only have a certain amount of storage.

Of course, there are options if you don’t want to invest in a new bed.  Instead, you can purchase an underbed storage drawer.  This is a drawer box on wheels, with a nice finish; when slid under the bed it appears built in. Additionally, you can customize this with a drawer pull to add style.

A white drawer on wheels.
Underbed Storage Drawer (

The bathroom in an apartment or small home presents a unique challenge.  Of course, we want storage, but we also want an attractive solution. Get creative and look up, above the door frame!  Also, remember to keep it neat and simple to keep a clean look as shown in the examples below:

A space-saving bathroom with towels hanging on the wall.
Over Door Towel Storage
A bathroom with white shelves for space saving.
Over The Door Bathroom Space Saver (

In addition to the bathroom, you can use the space above your kitchen door.  This allows you to display pretty serving pieces. Also, it keeps your countertop space clutter-free

Space Saving window shelf with plates and bowls.
Space Saving Shelf To Display Dishes

Speaking of the kitchen, let’s not overlook another nook that is often unused. Ideally, you will use every inch you can while maintaining a clean look.  Therefore, the gap next to your refrigerator is prime storage space! These space saving roll out pantry shelves are only a few inches deep and make so much extra space in your cabinets.

A space-saving kitchen with shelves full of food.
Beside Fridge Storage
A space-saving refrigerator.
Pull Out Pantry Space Saving Idea (


Always seek out design elements that are space saving and beauty enhancers to your small space. Finally, have fun and enjoy designing and living in your small space!

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