Proper Balance with Asymmetric Interior Design

A living room with a fireplace featuring proper balance.

Balance is a key element of good interior design.  A room can be symmetrical, where items are arranged to mirror one another on each side of the room.  Symmetry is generally seen in a traditional setting.  Asymmetrical is a more relaxed, less formal approach to balance in a room.  Although different items are arranged opposite one another, the successful end result is a balance of visual weight.

A living room with a proper balance of couches and a fireplace.

A modern living room with a proper balance of brown walls and white furniture.

Asymmetrical arrangement in a room is visually interesting.  To achieve a successful asymmetrical furniture arrangement, balance a large sofa with several chairs.  Although the individual pieces are different in style and size, the overall visual weight is the same.

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Modified description: A living room with a cozy fireplace and a TV for entertainment.
A living room with a white fireplace and green pillows featuring proper balance.

Wall arrangements can also play into the asymmetry of the room’s design.  A large painting can balance a seating area.  A fireplace that is placed off center can be balanced with furniture and wall hangings as well.

A living room with a properly balanced and asymmetric interior design featuring a fireplace.
A white fireplace mantle with proper balance in an asymmetric interior design.

When arranging accessories on a mantle, asymmetrical balance creates a pleasing display.  Place a large vase or framed picture on one side of the mantle and balance that out with several smaller items.  Balance can also be achieved with varying heights of objects.

A vase of flowers on an asymmetrical dresser.
A living room with pink flowers on a table balanced through asymmetric interior design.

An asymmetrical arrangement on the coffee table can include a tall vase of flowers balanced with a stack of books with a decorative item placed on top.  The varying heights play up the visual tension, creating interest.

A living room with a fireplace, proper balance, and asymmetric interior design.
A room with black walls and framed pictures on the wall showcasing proper balance.
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When considering balance in a room, don’t assume that everything has to be the same on each side.  By balancing the visual weight in the room, you can achieve an asymmetric design that is interesting and stylish.


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