5 Things You Didn’t Know About Metallic Wallpaper

A collage of pictures of a dining room with metallic wallpaper.

Metallic wallpaper is elegant and sophisticated. The classic style makes it easy to use in almost any decor. But, you knew that right? So, here are 5 things that maybe you didn’t know about metallic wallpaper.

A living room with a piano and metallic wallpaper.
So, here’s a casual metal–gold pineapple printed paper.|Pinterest
A bathroom with metallic wallpaper
The gold wallpaper is the crown jewel of this posh bath.|Interlearn
A dining room with blue chairs and wallpaper.
Use gold wallpaper for a subtle art deco charm. |My Freakin Ears

1-Consider metallic wallpaper a neutral

Metallic colors such as gold, rose gold, silver, or bronze are neutrals. You can pair them with virtually any color scheme. When you mix and match metallic wallpaper, you can add play up the elegance of dial it down to a casual feeling.

A metallic picture frame next to a vase on a table.
Who says you can’t mix metals? Here rose gold wallpaper pairs with silver.|House of Blaze

2-Metallic wallpaper is very durable

Fabricators emboss the wallpaper through several layers of paper, foil, and paint. They make it to last! If you’re looking for a wallpaper that will hold up well, choose metallic wallpapers.

A kitchen with white cabinets and metallic wallpaper.
Yes, it’s durable enough to hold up in the kitchen!|Pinterest

3-It has thermal properties

If you live in a cold climate, opt for metallic wallpapers! The foil coating reflects radiant heat. Therefore, it can help keep your home cozy.

A dining room with beige wallpaper and a glass table.
This decorator used a soft gold wallpaper against white wainscoting for a casual look.|Zillow

4-They make your room look bigger

Like a mirror, metallic wallpapers have reflective properties. They make a little room feel larger. Therefore, use them in a small room for big impact.

A metallic lamp on a table next to a vase.
Light bounces off of this silver wallpaper, casting a nice glow.|Go Wallpaper

5-Metallic wallpapers are easy to care for

Some people think that metallic wallpapers are hard to take care of. Nope. They are easily wipeable and durable. Check the manufacturer instructions for expert advice.

A contemporary dining room with a chandelier.
Lightly brushed silver stripes look classy! |Zillow
A roll of metallic wallpaper with gold and red hues for dimension and shimmer.
Beautiful metallic wallpaper | Ali Express
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