SCEC Endorsed Locksmith? What Is That?

A Endorsed Locksmith opening a door with a tool.

Two inches — that’s what your home’s security comes down to. Two inches. That’s about how big the average lock on the average front door to the average home is.

It doesn’t matter what neighborhood your home is in, how many alarms, bells, whistles hidden cameras or ‘protected by’ signs you have, two inches is what stands between the bad guys and your family’s safety.

Australia’s Security Construction and Equipment Committee, or SCEC, is a permanent committee which evaluates security equipment for use by the Australian Government. The SCEC maintains a list of registered locksmiths who are able to attach locks, and hardware, to access points of specific government security zones.

An SCEC endorsed locksmith maintains both digital and mechanical locks attached to SCEC approved containers. In addition to demonstrating technical skills, an SCEC locksmith must also meet high standards of confidentiality, integrity and honesty.

With that in mind, is there any reason you wouldn’t want to put those two inches into the hands of an experienced, trained locksmith? An SCEC endorsed locksmith has received the training to safely and effectively secure your possessions and your family’s security.

Available for Homes as Well

A SCEC endorsed locksmith is available to help you keep your home secure as well. Anything from a new key or an entire security system can be handled by a locksmith with an SCEC endorsement.

Emergencies may happen anytime. Because of the unpredictability, you want to be sure you can get in and out of your car, business or home as quickly as possible. If you are without your keys, you will need help.

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Your home is your castle and you want to make sure you family is safe. Many locksmith pros know how to keep homes secure so everyone stays secure and you get a good night’s sleep.

Why Call an SCEC Endorsed Locksmith?

A qualified locksmith not only can provide better womanship and a warranty, they are more efficient and gets the job done quicker. The result is the customer gets higher quality work and workmanship, a warranty that provides additional peace of mind and any corrective work required is already covered — you don’t pay more in the future.

A non-SCEC endorsed locksmith might lack training, skills, and the experience needed to deliver the level of protection you need and want. Using a non-qualified locksmith for a job as simple as helping you to re-enter your home if you’re locked out may result in the use of wrong techniques to open the lock and cause damage to the internal mechanisms. Even though the damage isn’t noticeable, your home’s security is compromised and your family is left at risk.

Locksmiths are required to finish an apprenticeship before receiving their SCEC endorsement. Certification is required before they offer their services. A skilled locksmith who has gone through the training required can be trusted to provide the correct advice about home security.

The Takeaway

Many people call for a handyman instead of a qualified, professional locksmith. They believe they will save money by getting the job done more affordably, by not using someone who has been trained and tested in the skill of locksmithing.

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Many home and business owners have realized from experience that there isn’t a good substitute for the work a qualified locksmith performs.

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