A guide for choosing the right windows for your home

A man reading a book on a couch in front of new windows.

There is nothing more beautiful than a room lit by the natural light of the sun. We are thankful that the time has come when large glass walls are favored as opposed to older construction, which featured modest windows on the house, probably due to energy savings. Whatever architecture you decide on, if you choose larger windows that will bring more light into your home, you won’t go wrong. But let’s find out what kind of windows there are in general for your choice.

Opening method

The way your windows will open, you’ll probably adapt to the design itself and the technical possibilities of the space. For example, somewhere there is not enough space for a classic window opening, so it is better to choose a sliding opening.


Two new pictures of a window with a bench and flowers.
The most common choice when buying windows are those with a classic opening to the outside

So, first of all, you have windows with a standard way of opening. These windows are the most widespread, and they are available in all types of designs – from traditional to modern. They consist of a single sash hinged to one side of the frame so that this window opens and closes similarly to a door.


A picture of new windows with a couch in front.
The main feature is that they open down or up and do not take up extra space

Then we have “hanging” windows. These are windows that have one or two independent wings that are hung on the window frame. To open, you will simply slide the window up or down, depending on the construction.


A picture of a window with a new flower pot on it.
They open sliding to the right or left and with thin frames they can look very elegant

Sliding windows are similar to previous windows with the difference that the sliding windows open horizontally, while the hanging ones open vertically. On the frames, there are sliders with balls (bearings) that allow left-right opening.

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There are other types of openings like hinged windows, but the three we listed above are more or less the most common choice.

Types of windows according to material

  • Made of aluminum – they look nice, have good static properties, low weight, their disadvantage is that they are a good conductor of heat (thermal break is required) and a high price
  • Made of wood – they are expensive and require great maintenance, but they are energy efficient and have a beautiful appearance

    A series of photos showcasing new windows and doors.
    Choose the material wisely for your windows to last long and be functional
  • Made of steel – beautiful to the eye, they are long-lasting, but their price is high and they have low energy efficiency
  • PVC windows – excellent energy efficiency, easy to maintain, but have a plastic look that some do not like
  • Wood – aluminum – combines good sides of wood and aluminum, easy maintenance, excellent energy efficiency, beautiful appearance

Fixed glass

We can’t call them windows in the classical sense because they don’t open, but glass walls are an increasingly common choice in design. They are beautiful, elegant, and provide a sense of connection with nature as well as good lighting.

Four pictures of a house with new windows.
A glass wall will give a magically elegant look to any room and illuminate it with light

Frequently used frosted glass, which transmits light but obscures the view of the interior of the room, to provide a feeling of privacy, and at the same time enjoy the natural light.

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