How to Prepare Your Pool and Yard Before a Storm

A house with a pool that requires preparation of the pool and yard before a storm.

Preparing your pool and yard for a storm or hurricane is something that requires a lot of intentionality. It is not an exercise to be carried out at the last meaning or as an afterthought, as your well-being and the safety of your pool and yard items depend on it. This article contains helpful tips to follow when preparing your pool and yard before a storm. 

Preparing Your Pool and Yard Before a Storm

It is important to note that these tips should only be followed if you have time to prepare. If the storm is already approaching, it is best that you stay indoors for your own safety. However, if you have enough time to prepare, these are the things to do:

  • Take Outdoor Items Inside The House: A bad storm can destroy your outdoor items, costing you a lot of money in repairs. This is why it is best to take essential outdoor items inside the house, in case of a storm. Items such as container plants, outdoor toys, gardening equipment, pool equipment, awnings, and patio furniture. Not only can these items be destroyed by heavy rains and strong winds, they can end up being carried by the storm to destroy your home. Ensure that you keep sensitive items such as charcoal grills and gas cylinders in a safe area. If you have heavy items that you cannot carry indoors, it is best to anchor them to something so they are carried by the wind. Anchor heavy items making use of ropes or chains.
  •  Avoid Draining Your Swimming Pool: When most people suspect that a storm is coming, their first thought is usually to drain their swimming pools. Draining your swimming pool during a storm, will cause more harm than good. This is because the force of a powerful storm can cause your pool to split, budge or even pop out of the ground if it is drained. The best thing to do, is to lower the water level to about 2 feet. This will prevent overflows, and also protect the pool from flying debris. It is also important to remove all items or equipment that are around the pool. 
  • Turn Off The Power: As well as reducing the water level, it is important to turn off the power to all pool equipment. The pump of your swimming pool as well as its motor can be damaged if you do not take safety precautions. This is why it is important to turn off the circuit breaker to your pool equipment, before a storm. This will cut off the power to the pump, motor, the lighting as well as the chlorinators. Leaving them on can cause serious damage to your pool.
  • Prune The Branches of Trees in Your Yard: Loose branches can serve as projectiles that will damage your property during a storm. This is why you must prune weak and old branches of trees around you. Once you have cut these branches, ensure to take them far away from your home. 
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Following these tips will keep your pool and yard safe during a storm. If you can not handle the removal process alone, you must hire professional help. 

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