Protect Yourself During A Bushfire

A bushfire threatens a residential area.

Bushfires are very dangerous as they lead to the loss of lives and properties. Bushfire refers to the type of fires that come from forests, trees, and grass, and as such occurs close to a lot of homes. Bushfire often occurs during hot weather conditions, and the smoke from the fire could have devastating health effects. These health effects include sore throat, runny nose, irritation to the eyes, lung disease. Other health effects include distress and anxiety. A bushfire can also lead to death, which is why it is important to protect yourself in the case of a breakout. 

People At A Higher Risk of Being Affected By Bushfire Smoke

There are certain demographics of people that are more sensitive to bushfire smoke. It is important to give make them a priority in the case of a bushfire outbreak. These people include

  • People Dealing With Respiratory Diseases: This includes individuals suffering from emphysema, bronchitis, and asthma. Breathing becomes difficult when such people are exposed to bushfire smoke. They might also suffer a flare-up. 
  • People Dealing With Heart Diseases: For people living with heart diseases, exposure to bushfire smoke can lead to a lot of complications. It could result in heart attack, stroke, palpitations, and chest pain.
  • People Living With Diabetes: For diabetes patients, exposure to bushfire smoke can result in increased blood sugar levels. 
  • Children, pregnant women, and elderly people can also suffer complications from exposure to bushfire smoke. 

Protecting Yourself During A Bushfire

It is very crucial to follow the following tips to protect yourself, in the event that a bushfire breaks out. 

  • Wear Protective Clothing: Wearing protective clothing is very essential in the case of a fire outbreak. During the hot season, make sure to have organized a box of protective clothing in preparation for a possible fire outbreak. The protective clothing items that you need include:
  1. Long-sleeved shirts and trousers or long-sleeved overalls to protect you from the fire. You are better off with clothing made from cotton or wool, as long as it is not too heavy.
  2. A pair of solid footwear like boots to protect your feet.
  3. Socks, most preferably made of cotton or wool to protect your feet
  4. A hard helmet to protect your head
  5. Gloves to protect your hands. 
  6. A mask to filter the smoke and protect your lungs. 
  • Stay Hydrated: The last thing that you want during a bushfire is to be dehydrated. Stay hydrated by pouring cool water on your face. Stay away from fizzy drinks and alcohol as they cause faster dehydration. Also, ensure to drink cool water from time to time.

 Protect Your Home From The Smoke: Protecting yourself and your home from the smoke, will go a long way in preventing the health risks that come with bushfire smokes. One of the most effective ways to do this is by setting up bushfire shutters. These shutters are designed to keep smoke from entering the home. 


Bushfire smoke can leave you with serious health issues such as lung diseases, anxiety, and irritation to the eyes. Setting up a bushfire shutter and putting protective measures in place, will keep you and your family safe. 

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