Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

A renovated kitchen with a central island and stools.

Renovating a kitchen can be stressful as it is quite a large space with many appliances. Preplanning is essential to make the process easy for yourself. Once you decide on what exactly you want, it is then all about ordering and organizing.

Do not worry; there are various kitchen design ideas online which you can choose from, if you are not too sure of what you want. Sticking to the one design is always recommended, so that your kitchen does not look like a circus. The following are some tips to follow on your renovation.

Budget is a must

Most important is to set a budget. Renovating kitchens can be quite expensive, but if you set a budget, then at least you know what you are working with and can find appliances and décor to fit that budget. 

First, you must focus on electrical, plumbing, flooring, and painting. Once you have this done, you can then add cabinets, countertops, and appliances. The steps will help you budget out each section so that you do not go over your limit. It is also a great way to keep track of what needs to get done.

Measure your space

It is vital you measure your space before any professional does. You need to know how much you have to work with so that you do not purchase appliances which will not fit into their designated areas. The returning process is long and complicated. Measuring the space will eliminate this unnecessary step.

Order your appliances early

If you do end up making any mistakes in size, it is important that you order the appliances early, so that you do have time to send them back and get new ones sent over. Also, if you order early, you can avoid any delays with the delivery.

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Make sure there is enough space for a fridge

You may need to replace your fridge in a few years. Make sure that when you are renovating, you leave enough space for a bigger fridge. You may want to upgrade in four years’ time, so do not limit yourself to only being able to buy the same size fridge each time.

A renovated white kitchen with a table and chairs.

Do not leave any floor gaps

This is why measurements are important. You need to make sure that your cabinets fit perfectly into your space. If you do not measure correctly, you will be left with gaps between your cabinets. You want to avoid extra unnecessary steps, not create them. 

Ordering countertops

Always order your cabinets first before you order your countertops. This is because the dimensions may change after installation of the cabinets. It is easier to order them after installation as you can get more precise measurements and rest assured that once your countertops will arrive, they will fit perfectly.

Professional designer help

Unless you are a designer, it is advised to get professional help when renovating your kitchen. A professional will help you with whatever you have in mind and put it to reality. They will give you various options to go through and pick out the one that suits your needs most.

They would usually have a portfolio of various kitchens they have designed before, which will help you get some ideas for your kitchen. Designers help you in making more than a room, they help you in developing a space in which you are happy and feel most at peace.

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Stick to the one design

There are various styles you can choose from such as, traditional, modern, and classic. It is recommended to choose one style and stick to it. Once you stick to the one style, it is much more peaceful and enjoyable. A kitchen with various styles mixed can cause chaos and an unsettling feeling as there is just too much going on around you.

Kitchen renovation with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.


Choose colours, appliance, countertops, and cabinets which are easy to clean. Glass and the white colour are not the best if you want to always keep things clean. This will cause more cleaning for you. Wood cabinets can chip and cause more cleaning as well. It is recommended to stick to darker colours and marble countertops to create less cleaning.

Easy reach

If you are smaller in height, do not make your cabinets hard to reach. Make the space comfortable for you and easier for you to cook in. At the end of the day, you can design the space just as you want it, so do not make things harder on yourself.

What costs am I looking at?

Kitchen renovations can be very expensive and cost you anywhere from $12,000 to $70,000 and more. You must consider all the material that needs to be bought, the appliances, the people you are hiring to the job, and much more. 

Marble can cost you up to on average $150 per square foot. There are a lot of factors to consider when setting a budget because you need to think about the type of walls, floors, and cabinets you want to have. Are you looking to add extra kitchen aisles or expand the room itself? 

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You have to look into getting help from a designer, contractor, and a tiler. The costs add up hence why it can get quite expensive. 

Setting a budget and a plan is vital. You need to have some sort of an idea of what you want, and the person to best help you with that is a designer. They will help in breaking down the costs for everything and help you pick out the best design to suit your needs.

Once you have all the above tips covered, you should end up with the best kitchen you have ever wanted. Make the process easy for yourself and reduce the unnecessary work.

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