How To Make Stone Walls Work Inside Your Home

How To Make Brick Walls Work Inside Your Kitchen.

Real stone, cladding, and even printed wallpaper can enhance simple walls inside the home and make a huge impact on the atmosphere and style of the room.

How To Make Stone Walls Work Inside Your Modern Kitchen.
Rough fronted bricks are ideal for adding texture to contemporary and smooth spaces (

Grey tiles are the opposite of boring when mixed with fabulous lighting and complementary shades of white, grey, and silver.

How To Make Brick Walls Work Inside Your Kitchen.
Warm brick walls are perfect for adding industrial chic to a plain family kitchen (

The colour of stone in your home is super crucial. Stone is available in an almost endless choice of hues, so make sure you shop around and select the shade that is perfect for you.

A modern kitchen with a brick wall and a table, highlighting how to make stone walls work inside your home.
Lighter and muted tone bricks are very calming and subtly beautiful (

Consider the bond of your bricks or stone as this can affect the layout of the room. A running bond will elongate the room and provide the illusion of much more space.

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Updated Description: Stone walls create a captivating ambiance in the living room, through a stone archway.
Match coloured stone to the colours of your walls for a minimal and textured look (

Wall arches are an interesting feature that can be emphasised and framed with stone decoration.

A bathroom featuring a stone fireplace and jacuzzi tub.
Mixing shades of stone creates an interesting and dynamic look (

Rustic stone walls against clean walls and sleek ceramic tiles provides an unusual contrast that highlights the rawness and rusticity of the stone.

A living room with a stone fireplace and large windows showcasing the beauty of stone walls inside your home.
Inserting a large window into a brick wall can create a subdued effect (

Exterior walls can be left untreated to bring some of the beautiful house bricks indoors, creating a seamless style transition inside and outside your home.

A bedroom with a stone wall, showcasing how to make stone walls work inside your home.
Stone and wooden buildings can create a fantastic modern countryside vibe (

Smaller stone bricks will create a different effect from far away and up close. Keep this in mind as you plan, as this can be a really interesting feature that draws your attention and makes you want to get closer.

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