Eight Tips to Use Yellow Color in Your Home Decor

Yellow color is a vibrant and cheerful color that creates an energetic atmosphere around your home. Enchanting as it is, most people find it difficult to use in home décor.

However, that’s about to change. These eight tips will give you insights on spicing your décor with yellow color.

Warm Sunshine

Yellow is a bright color, it lights up gloomy spaces by reflecting light, making an otherwise dull room cheerful. Think of yellow color for that warm sunshine effect for your hallway or a dull room.

Yellow your Furniture

color yellow

Explore the possibility of using yellow for bigger things like furniture. A yellow couch with a red undertone creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your living room.

Multiple Yellows

color yellow

For your walls, create a unique and personalized color scheme by creatively blending up to three shades of yellow.

Bright Yellow Door

color yellow

Make a statement at the entrance by painting your door yellow. It contrasts with the green outside and sets your home apart.

Accessorise with Yellow Color

If you think yellow on your walls is too much, think of introducing accessories and decors with a touch of yellow. Flower vase, picture frame, antique or toss pillow covers with a touch of yellow injects energy into your space.

Complementary Schemes

Yellow and purple are complementary since they appear opposite each other on the color wheel. Use this powerful combination for your beddings and consistently in your bedroom to achieve a richer look.

Mix and Match in design

color yellow

Mix and match is a perfect way to use yellow with other colors. The great news is that yellow matches with many colors; brown, blue, green, pink, black and orange.

Yellow Ambience

Create a cohesive feel in your kitchen by painting amber yellow on the ceiling and splashing the floor with patterned amber yellow mats.

Yellow doesn’t have to be scary. There are many possibilities of exploring its potential and giving your home that warm welcoming feels associated with the sunshine effect of the color.

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