Entryways with Unique Architectural Elements

A living room with a staircase.

It’s not always the layout, color, or theme of a room that brings life to it. In fact, the personality of a room is often seen through the smaller details, such as the finish on the wall, material of the furniture, crown molding, borders, etc. One such example that is even more engrained within the house itself is the entryway into a room. Entryways can be a unique architectural element that sets the vibe before a person has a view of the interior of that room,as it can be seen from afar. Some houses even have architectural entryways as the entrance to the entire house, rather than just between rooms. This lends to multiple possibilities for homeowners to use entryways as unique architectural elements in their home.

**see gallery below for wonderful ideas**

The entryway of a home has a wooden floor and framed pictures.




As said before, these entryways are wonderful architectural elements that set the tone for a room before you even see it. These can also help segue a design or theme form one room to another, making them flow seamlessly. Sometimes all it takes is crown molding to give an upscale, well-cared for look. For those who want more of an eclectic vibe, try reshaping the entry or adding tile to give it some flair.







A victorian style home with a blue entryway.







An outdoor entryway is key for showcasing your home to others without letting them inside. The shape, color, layout, materials, and how they are mix-matched can give a unique vibe. You can make it as grandeur or simplistic as you like, whether it be something large with columns or a modest stone wall entry. Either way it is sure to wow and raise the value of your home.

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