Beautiful Backyard Pavilions


Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, there’s still a chance that you’ll want to spend time outdoors. Most homeowners and guests like gathering outside, but where can you congregate? Standing isn’t bad, but many people don’t want to stand and talk for hours on end. That’s why a backyard pavilion is a great item to have so everyone can talk in comfort. They also provide great space to get fresh air while enjoying outdoor meals, parties, and crafting.  **See gallery below for ideas**


Pavilions can come in any size, which means that they can fit into any backyard. Not matter what the layout of your yard, it can be tiny, with just enough space to fit a chair underneath to hide from the summer sun. For those that want a space large enough for family extravaganzas or holiday gatherings then here’s a pavilion size that suits those needs as well.

What’s even better about pavilions is that they can be crated into almost any shape you may want. They can span across part of your pool and backyard in a trapezoidal shape, or be a circle. They can also act as add-ons, expanding from your wall to part of your backyard, creating an awning of sorts from your home.

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Lastly, there are a plethora of materials that backyard pavilions can be made from. The most popular is wood, which comes in a variety of thickness, durability, color and grain. The roof can be created from a variety of materials as well, depending on how much sunlight or coverage you want. Pavilions may have full coverage on the sides, be half-open/ covered with fabric or completely open.



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