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A Mountain Ridge log cabin in the snow.

Is there anything more beautiful than waking up in winter to white fields covered with pure white snow as far as the eye can see? Well, yes there is, add to that picture-perfect image a log cabin made from thick natural wood and a roaring fireplace and I’ll never leave.

When I see homes made from natural materials and even more so when those are wood and logs I get a warm sense of coziness that I wish would never end, now if I could just find someone to build a log home for me that would be great.

Using natural materials, more specifically wood is our way of appreciating Mother Nature’s creation and using it in a way that is not only beautiful to look at but as a homage to her essence. Learn more about wood here:

How to choose wood logs for your home.

Determining the right timber for your house is not only important because of the structure and strength the different types of wood provide. This will be the deciding factor in the final cost of the project. You need a material that can withstand the elements, especially if you live in a country with extreme weather.

Trees with a tight growth ring are ideal for building homes, they are dense and less likely to crack through the years, and these are usually found at higher altitudes. The most popular choice over the years has been the Western Red Cedar, it is slow-growing, and insect resistant-a must for a home made from wood, don’t you think?

A living room with blue couches and a fireplace, featuring interior design ideas for birch logs and branches.
Birch logs decorate this home’s wall (Houzz)

Some might get confused with the different varieties being grown, so take a minute to read this interesting article that explains the various trees and the features to look for that distinguish them from one another.

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Many options are available that will change the outcome of the final house you’re building, the wood type, style and even drying processes of various timbers. With a decent plan in place, a realistic idea and with the right company, your vision will be easily achievable.

5 Benefits of having a log home.

  • Sustainability. Wood is a renewable source, you can plant new trees for the ones that are cut down, and they are also part of nature so not harmful to the environment. Trees also give off carbon but using them in building and processing them does not release carbon and therefore reduces your overall carbon footprint. Also, most cabins are made from dead standing timber so the trees don’t just rot away, they are used for a purpose.
  • Storm reliability. If you live in a part of the world prone to high winds and torrential rains then a log cabin is your safest bet. Trees come from and endure this type of weather all the time, and as we’ve seen, usually the last man standing once the storm has passed. You’d do well to be in a log home when a storm arrived.
  • Speed. Log homes are quicker to build than the traditional brick and mortar homes, frames can be ready in as quickly as 2 weeks, with no exposure to the elements and prevention of mold or mildew.
  • Insulation. I don’t know if you’ve seen but log cabins aren’t usually made from thin planks, no they’re usually thick logs that absorb and retain heat for a long while and are great insulators. And if insulated properly and you’re already living in it, you’ll see they are energy efficient too, not needing to use the electrical heating as much.
  • Longevity. The wood, when exposed to the elements, has the staying power compared to made-made materials. Bricks and concrete get brittle from overexposure to moisture and start to crumble needing constant maintenance. They have been known to outlast ten generations, some in the mountains for hundreds of years.
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For a happy ending, watch this quick video of a gentleman’s success story living in a log home and the features and benefits he gets from residing in something organic and as close to nature as you can get without being outdoors.

Deciding factors when choosing a Log home building company.

So, you’ve finally decided to go get your dream home, a cozy log cabin made from character-filled wood and stories to tell, the finances are ready and all you need to decide is who to work with. There are plenty of manufacturers out there offering deals and competitive prices and it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin or how.

A simple way would be to stay local, use businesses in the community. It not only supports one another but if they haven’t left yet they must be pretty good. No stressing about handing over your money and waking up to a firm that’s up and left in the middle of the night.

Deciding on the type of wood you’d like will help to narrow in the search even more, not all companies use all wood so shortlist the ones that specialize and manufacture the wood you’re opting for.

Once you have a handful of businesses that meet the criteria, you can begin your research. Have a look into each website, read customer reviews, compare prices and work your way through. Anyone that raises a red flag should be scratched from the list. You want reliability, quality of results and satisfied customer recommendations.

If this sounds like the perfect match for you, then check out companies like Mountain Ridge Handcrafted Log Homes for reputable service you can trust. With over 2 decades of experience under their belt, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

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Set up an initial consultation and meet the company face to face, this will give you a feel for them and see if you’re comfortable. It will also give you a chance to ask any questions of details you are unsure of which should be no problem for them to answer.

A company that prides itself on its quality of work will not only advertise their qualifications but show them off, choose wisely and become one with nature in its glorious landscapes.


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