A Treehouse Castle

A tree house with a hot tub amidst the woods.


Everyone has dreamed of a treehouse when they were little children. We all loved to have our very own treehouse where we could spend the majority of the day. You may have also drawn a rudimentary blueprint and planned out that which tree limbs would support the beams. You may have also inspected the plywood when your father would have gone to buy some mulch. However, there are many of us who were not blessed with a treehouse but there is a sort of magic with treehouse that reignites the pleasure to actually own one or to live in one for a short period.Treehouse with turrets.

The treehouse that we are discussing in this article is castle shaped and you can find four of them. They are called Châteaux Dans Les Arbres and are hidden in the lush green region of Perigord in France. This place is about 100 miles outside Bordeaux. There are not for show, you can rent them.

In this article we have some sneak peeks for this hideaway. If you want to reach there you will have to cross a moat. All the cabins are built with sustainable wood. When you are not enjoying the surrounding trees and wild life around these cabins, you can also view Castle Biron which is nearby. While the treehouses are enough to make you pack your bags, there is more to know as these treehouses are accommodated with hot tubs, fireplaces and full kitchens.

Take a sneak peek of the treehouse castles below.

A bed in a treehouse.

A bathroom with two sinks and a treehouse.

A rustic treehouse nestled in the woods.

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