Tips for Finding the Perfect Rug

An aerial view of a living room with a large sectional couch and a rug.

We’ve all been there: the wood has begun to splinter or the tiles are freezing cold in the winter and you’re beginning to wonder if there is any way to save your feet from the elements while having a stylish floor. Carpeting seems to be too extreme, plus who wants to worry about staining a carpet? Refinishing the wood floor is too expensive. You love the tile, but don’t want to endure the polarity of cold and hot throughout the year. So, what can you do? One budget- and style-friendly option is buying a rug, as they can be as big as you need and come in a variety of materials and styles. Home Styler has found some tips for finding the perfect rug just for you:

A circular rug made of black stones in a living room.

1. Designate separate spaces: This can be done within the interior around furniture, or your can expand a space by having the rug follow the perimeter (or slightly more) of the furniture.

2. Mix it up: Use patterned or multicolored rugs for solid furniture and vise versa.




3. Keep it from moving: Consider a pad underneath to keep it in place. This is especially good for near doors so it doesn’t get ruined and curl at the edges.



A living room with a colorful striped rug.


4. Don’t act like it’s carpet: Don’t have the rug the extend entire width of room. These are meant to designate spaces but not act like carpet. The largest a rug should be is about 2-3 feet from the edges of the room.




5. Make it flow: Pull colors from your furniture or wall into your rug while introducing a new one as well.

Luxury Indoor-Outdoor Rooms



6. Don’t mix styles:Make sure it fit’s the room, whether it’s a formal dining room, casual living room or a traditional bedroom. For example, don’t buy a multicolor patterned rug for a formal room or an oriental rug for a spunky bedroom.

A living room with a rug.



7. Think of function: If you want it to warm up your feet, a rough, natural rug may not be what you’re looking for. Also, if it’s a high traffic area or a place where people eat then consider a pattern that doesn’t show stains easily (or a material that doesn’t get worn down quickly).



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