Breathtaking water walls that will completly steal your heart

A large water wall in a restaurant with blue lights.

If you want to create an extremely magic, relaxing, and charming atmoshere for your home, your garden or your backyard, there is nothing better that adding a water wall. The water walls can be built in many different sizes, shapes and materials, such as glasses, marbles, rocks, smooth stones, mirrors, laminated surface and so on. The choise depends on the effect, on the look and on the sound that you want to create. If you are looking for a really stunning and impressive effect, you can try with the indoor trasparent water walls.

A modern house with glass walls and a pool.
fantastic water wall used as a decorative element for the living room
A contemporary house with glass walls incorporating a water feature.
stunning indoor water wall

The water can flows just on one or on both the two sides of the transparent and stylish glass or crystal panels.

A decorative water fountain with pebbles.
beautiful water wall made with stones, wood and glass
A large circular water fountain with water walls in a lobby.
indoor glass water wall, with water floating on both sides of the panel

The sizes and the shapes depend on the general décor of your home, especially of your living room. Moreover, the indoor water walls, not only create a dynamic aesthetic effect, but they also can be used in a functional way, for dividing the spaces within a room, in a very original and elegant way.

A modern dining room with a glass table and water walls.
Alluring indoor water wall used for divide the spaces in the living room
A modern living room with water walls and a glass shower.
amazing indoor water wall
An orange couch sits in a room with water walls.
indoor water wall built with crystal and laminate surface

For the outdoor spaces, the water walls are perfect for enrich your garden, your balcony, your rooftop, terraces or your back yard.

A garden with a tranquil fountain and mesmerizing lighting at night.
Beautiful outdoor water wall
A modern backyard with a wooden deck and lighting, featuring water walls.
terrific modern outdoor water wall
A 3d rendering of a living room with water walls.
amazing outdoor water wall

Furthermore, If you already have a fountain or a swimming pool, a water wall is a great charming plus.

A water feature with water walls in a garden.
outdoor water wall built with stones

Another important detail, is the LED illumination that will give a terrific and impressive look to your water wall. You can also choose different colors of the LED lights, according with the décor and the style of the environment.

A white couch is in front of a purple wall.
Beautiful Indoor water walls used for enrich the living room
A room with a blue glass wall reminiscent of water.
illuminated water walls
A restaurant with purple lights and water walls.
charming water walls illuminated with LED lights

All that you need for installing your water walls, is just a water pump similar to a pump used for the fountains or the waterfalls. Contrary to the fountains or the waterfalls, the major plus of the water walls is that they can be used in smaller spaces since they have a vertical development. The water wall will give allure, luxury and elegance to your home and will create a peaceful atmosphere.

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