The Captivating Glass Art of Dale Chihuly

The Captivating Glass Art of Dale Chihuly: Colorful glass balls.

To observe the captivating glass art of Dale Chihuly is to witness something truly spectacular.  Chihuly’s work is on display at over 200 museum locations worldwide and graces public gardens and historic sites.  He is a master of his craft and creates truly amazing works of art and architectural structures.  Here is a look at this prolific artist and his magic creations.

The Captivating Chihuly garden at dusk.
Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, WA

“Glass has the ability, more than any other material, to bring joy and a certain happiness to people.” -Dale Chihuly

The Captivating Glass Art of Dale Chihuly at the Garden and Conservatory.
Dale Chihuly display in Seattle (seattlerefined)
A captivating boat is reflected in a mirror.
“The Scrambler” by Dale Chihuly (thescrambler)

Dale Chihuly was born in 1941 in Tacoma, Washington.  He studied interior design at the University of Washington.  After graduating, Chihuly enrolled in the first glass program in the country at the Rhode Island School of Design.  He extended his love of glass to establish a glass program and taught for over a decade.

A captivating glass sculpture in a museum by Dale Chihuly.
Magical glass art by Dale Chihuly (beautifulwashington)
The Captivating Glass Art of Dale Chihuly adorns walls with colorful sculptures.
Dale Chihuly’s glass art sculpture “The Mendota Wall” (

With a fellowship in hand, Dale Chihuly went to Venice, Italy to work at the Venini glass factory to learn more about the team method of blowing glass.  This is the method he uses today to create his large variety of work.

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Dale Chihuly display (seattlerefined)

Chihuly’s work is very organic in shape, with undulating lines and colors that form intricate patterns.

A captivating glass flower on a black background by Dale Chihuly.
Dale Chihuly glass art (mcallisterfossum)

Dale Chihuly’s work that is not on permanent display can be seen at botanical gardens and museums.  Check area schedules, for his art travels to various locations throughout the year.

The captivating glass sculpture of Dale Chihuly displayed in a pond at night.
Dale Chihuly glass installation at Denver Botanic Gardens

“I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced.” –Dale Chihuly

The Captivating Glass Art of Dale Chihuly features a room filled with numerous colorful glass pieces hanging from the ceiling.
Dale Chihuly glass ceiling installation (aroundtheworld-seattle-wa)
The Captivating Glass Art of Dale Chihuly featuring a glass ceiling adorned with colorful glass pieces.
Gorgeous Dale Chihuly art glass (nooneartist.wordpress)
The Captivating Glass Art of Dale Chihuly featuring a large orange glass sculpture.
Dale Chihuly art glass (prideinphotos)

“Glass itself is so much like water.  If you let it go on its own, it almost ends up looking like something that came from the sea.” –Dale Chihuly

The Captivating Glass Art of Dale Chihuly featuring a large glass sculpture with vibrant colors.
Dale Chihuly art glass (normack.deviantart)
A display of captivating glass sculptures on a table by Dale Chihuly.
Dale Chihuly display (

Visit the Chihuly Garden & Glass in Seattle, Washington to see these amazing works of art up close and personal.

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