Open Fireplace Designs to Warm Your Home

Open Fireplace Designs for a Modern Living Room.

In today’s time, a fireplace serves a dual purpose. Beyond just providing warmth to a home, it’s also one of the areas where a focal point in a room can be made. It also adds to the overall design element to a room. 

There’s also the added challenge for architects and engineers to ensure that the fireplace continues on giving the purpose for which it was intended, without sacrificing on the style factor. As more potential homeowners are getting pickier about the style of their homes, it’s very important that home developers are able to meet that need. 

Then, on the other side of the coin, there may also be some of you who are looking to go through a home renovation. If you feel like the current style of your fireplace is getting outdated, surely there are changes that you can apply to make it better. 

If you’re running low on inspiration, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll have some inspiration of the best open fireplace designs for your home:

A modern living room with open fireplace designs.

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to cozy nights at home by the fire.  Fireplaces have come a long way, and with many modern homes designed with an open floor plan, the fireplace has evolved.  Two-sided and open fireplace designs are efficient and very stylish features of the modern home.  Here are some great open fireplace designs to warm your home.

Here are some great open fireplace designs to warm your home.

Open fireplace designs warm modern living room
Focal point open fireplace (homedit)

In the design concept below, the fireplace even serves another strategic purpose. It’s used to divide the dining area and the living room. That way, an open concept is achieved – the two rooms are divided for more privacy.

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An inviting living room with a wood burning fireplace.
Modern open fireplace (tovtov)
Open fireplace designs in a modern living room.
Open fireplace (vivadecorblog)

The modern open fireplace is a functional feature that makes a strong statement in the home.  Not only do they provide warmth, but open fireplaces make a striking impression as architectural structures of the home.  Luxurious modern homes abound with the ever-impressive open fireplace that dominates open floor plans.

A modern open fireplace in a dining room to warm your home.
Open fireplace enhances this home (oliverburns)
A modern living room with a wooden ceiling and open fireplace designs.
Open fireplace takes center stage (design-milk)
A living room with white furniture and a wood burning stove designed to warm your home.
Unique open fireplace design (

In this design below, you’d see that there’s a switch in the common type of fireplace that’s being used. Previously, a wood fireplace was preferred. Now, you’d see many modern fireplace designs that can be run through gas and/or electricity. 

Just be sure, however, that during your renovation, you’re able to make that switch correctly. To help you along that line, here’s a wood fireplace to gas installation guide.

A cozy living room with an open fireplace.
Open fireplace (huaaostone)
Open fireplace.
Beautiful fireplace in modern home (home-designing)

Two-way fireplaces are the perfect room divider.  Having a functional fireplace in several rooms of the home is a dream of many.  That dream is a reality with the two-sided fireplace design, where one central fireplace serves two or more rooms.  Accessibility is convenient and the open floor plan space is divided, marking definite areas in the home while keeping with the open feeling.

A contemporary living room featuring an open stone fireplace.
Two-sided fireplace the perfect room divider (minimalisti)
Open fireplace in living room.
Two-sided fireplace as room divider (homedit)
A cozy kitchen with a fireplace.
Two-sided fireplace design as room divider (
Living room with hardwood floors and a fireplace.
Two-sided fireplace makes a great room divider in open floor plan (homedit)
Open living room with a fireplace.
Two-sided fireplace gives room division (escea)
An open fireplace design transforms a modern living room with large windows into a warm and inviting space.
Open fireplace divides space (deallcooks)

A two-sided fireplace doesn’t have to stand alone.  A television can be integrated into the fireplace surround.  This offers a dual-purpose focal point for the room without sacrificing additional space.

A warm living room with an open fireplace.
Fireplace and television divider (Houzz)
Open fireplace designs warm living room.
Two-sided fireplace and entertainment implemented in divider wall (bowa)
Open living room with a modern stone fireplace.
Two-sided fireplace with mounted television (forums.thefashionspot)
Open Fireplace Designs with TV
Unique integrated television and fireplace (Houzz)
A modern living room with an open fireplace to warm your home.
Television mounted above two-sided fireplace (dellacooks)
Keywords: fireplace, modern

Description: A modern bedroom with a sleek fireplace.
Gorgeous bedroom designed with two-sided fireplace (bedroom-decor-design-ideas)

The advantages of a two-sided or open fireplace are many.  Stylistically, the open fireplace design adds a feature that stands out in the home.  The fireplace can be placed so that it is visible from nearly every angle.  The open fireplace provides a great divider in open areas and this also benefits the flow of warm air throughout a space.

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Open fireplace in a cozy living room.
Open fireplace design stands center stage in this modern home (checita)
A modern living room with an open fireplace to warm your home.
Two-sided fireplace design (imagefreehd)
Open fireplace designs in a modern living room.
Home styled with free-standing two-sided fireplace (
Open Fireplace
Room division is a breeze with two-sided fireplace (HGTV)

Like any fireplace design, two-sided and open fireplaces offer you numerous options for surrounds.  Beautiful slate, rock, brick and many natural and composite surfaces can be chosen to enhance the fireplace. That way, you’re giving it a more cozy and elegant vibe. Just be sure, however, that you’re prudent in choosing the right fireplace for your home.

A spacious dining room with an open fireplace for warming and cozying up the home.
Beautiful two-sided fireplace (ieatpencilsandpapers.blogspot)
A living room with an open stone fireplace.
Modern rustic two-sided fireplace (wsj)

Here is another example of how an open concept design incorporates a classic and modern design. The house, in itself, is classic, but, the touch of bricks give it that modern vibe.

A cozy dining room with an open brick fireplace.
Brick center two-sided fireplace (realestate.marthaturner)
A cozy living room with a stone fireplace.
Mountain lodge-inspired two-sided fireplace (efireplacestore)

For warmth, ambiance and style, there is nothing quite like an open or two-sided fireplace in the home.  Perfect for modern open floor plans, the open fireplace gives structure and architectural interest to the home.  The two-sided fireplace enhances open spaces with stylish division and a functional focal point.  Come inside from the cold and warm up by the fire.

Final Word / Conclusion

Open concepts are now becoming the well-loved design choice, for the very reason that an open-air gives the illusion of space. With these design tips, you can be one step closer to creating that perfect open fireplace design for your home.

On the functional aspect, open fireplace designs are also more effective since it’s able to bring warmth to more rooms, all at once, without the need for lighting up multiple fireplace or heating systems.

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  1. Wow, I never knew you could install fireplaces in such a way that they can be two-sided and encompass a much larger part of the house. These kinds of designs make me think about our upcoming house building project and how we opted for a more free-flowing and open-concept house. If I can find a fireplace installation service that we can hire, I’ll definitely have them on for the project so they can install this kind of unit for us.

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