10 easy tips to light up your home

A floating ball emitting a blue light in a pool.

The choice of the right illumination is essential to create a warmer and cozier atmosphere in any house. Nowadays, the lights are not just a functional elements but they can be real artistic and decorative piece of design that can transform the style of an house.

A reception area with a counter.
spectacular lighting effects

On the market there is a huge variety of lights, available in many different styles, colors, shapes and materials, from the traditional chandelier to the modern and minimalistic led appliqué.

A pendant light with a flower on it.
Modern pendant light
A collection of different lamps and lampshades that illuminate the surrounding space with light.
modern lighting

But how to choose and install the lights correctly? Which are the general rules of the “light design” to follow? Which is the right and perfect illumination for every different room? Here you are 10 easy tips to light up your home in the ideal way.

  1. First of all, consider that every room and every different space of an house has a different function, so it deserves a different kind of illumination. Focus your attention on the elements that you want to emphasize with the lights and identify the focal points that you want to illuminate. Remember that a focal illumination will highlight also eventual defects, so, be sure to choose with accuracy the points that you want to illuminate.
  2. For the kitchen: the ideal choice is to use bright lights to illuminate especially two strategic points, such as the work plan and the dining table.
    A modern kitchen with blue lighting and stainless steel appliances illuminating the space.
    modern lights for the kitchen

    A modern dining room with wooden ceiling and light.
    pendant lights are ideal in the kitchen
  3. For the living room: opt for a soft, warm and well-balanced illumination in order to create a welcoming and familiar atmosphere.
    A light-filled living room with a couch and a coffee table.
    a soft light is the best choice above the couch

    A good solution is to install some appliqués on the ceiling or on the wall, in order to create a cozy and suffused ambient.

    Two pictures of a light-filled kitchen and living room.
    how to decorate a room with little spotlights on the ceiling

    If in the living room there is a desk or an area for writing, studying or reading, add a floor lamp or a table lamp.

    A light-filled modern living room with white furniture and a floor lamp.
    a floor lamp is the perfect solution for a reading area

    Moreover, use the light to focalize some interesting elements, such as a painting, a piece of furniture, a sculpture, an interesting architectural detail, a decor and so on. The illumination from below is generally the best way to highlight an architectural element.

  4. In the bedroom: as for the living room, choose a soft and not too powerful light. A stylish abat-jour or a couple of modern lampshades can be the perfect solution if you want to read a book before you fall asleep.
    A 3d rendering of a hotel room with atmospheric lighting at night.
    suffused illumination for the bedroom

    A bedroom with a wooden ceiling and ample light.
    stunning bedroom with elegant and soft ceiling illumination
  5. For the staircase: a creative design solution is to add little lights to every steps. You can light up also some particular hidden areas of the house, such as a sub-ramp with some spotlights applied on the floor.
    A light-filled living room staircase with a tv on top.
    creative way to highlight the staircase

    A staircase with lights in a modern house.
    how to illuminate the staircase
  6. For the entryway and the hallway: you can give a touch of style, coziness and personality to these narrow spaces just by adding some lights along the floor or on the ceiling

    A well-lit hallway with a vase of flowers and framed pictures.
    the use of multiple lights on the ceiling is the best choice to illuminate narrow places such as an hallway
  7. In the bathroom: As for the kitchen, also for the bathroom is extremely important to have a good illumination. Add at least two focal lights near the area of the mirror, above the sink

    A bathroom with a large tub and light.
    clear and vivid lights are necessary in the bathroom
  8. If you want to use colorful lights, make sure to choose the chromatic shade that best suits with your home design. If you want to be creative and original, mix different type of lights and different sources of illumination, such as the traditional chandeliers with modern systems as the lamps and the spotlights

    A living room is illuminated with purple and pink lights.
    stylish living room with amazing colored lights
  9. For the outdoor, the lights look amazing in the garden, along a path or for highlighting a detail or a single plant. If you have a swimming pool, you can create a stunning and magic effect by adding some neutral or colored lights within the tank or by using illuminated balls. Pay attention to choose only low-voltage and halogen lights. The water will enhance the extraordinary reflections of the lights
    A illuminated house deck at night.
    modern lights for the garden
    A group of outdoor spheres illuminated at night.
    how to decorate a swimming pool with the lights

    Two illuminated balls in a pool at night.
    floating lights
  10. As last tip, use the LED lights, both for the indoor and for the outdoor, because they not only look nice but they will also guarantee a significant energy saving.

    A long and well-lit hallway in a building with curved walls.
    neon and led lights
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