8 Ways to Enhance Your Hallway

A table and chairs adding style to a hallway.

Many times the hallway of the home is ignored when decorating.  Think of the hallway as the connector to every room in your home.  It is the place to transition your decorating scheme.  A hallway can be the optimum space to display artwork, family photos or other collections for the wall especially if you don’t have the space in other areas of the home.  Here are 8 ways to enhance your hallway.

A hallway with white walls and wooden floors - Enhanced Hallway.
A lovely entry hall (homestoriesatoz)
Enhance your hallway with black walls and wood floors.
Sconces illuminate a stylish dark hallway (designmyheartout.BlogSpot)
A black and white striped hallway that enhances your space.
Let your imagination run wild in the hallway (homesthetics.net)
A bookshelf-lined hallway featuring a bench.
Built-in bookcases add character and provide additional book storage (flyyestonehere.BlogSpot)

1.  Mirrors. If your hallway space is long and narrow, a display of mirrors opens and brightens the space.  Display an assortment of mirrors in different shapes and sizes along the length of the hallway on one or both sides.

A hallway with a variety of mirrors on the wall.
Mirrors open up a narrow hallway (houseandgarden.co.uk)
A hallway with a lot of mirrors on the wall offering enhanced decor.
Mirrors greatly enhance a hallway (inspiringinteriorsideas)

2.  Decorative sconces. Decorative sconces illuminate a hallway.  Maintain the same style of lighting in the hallway as in other areas of the home for consistency.

A wooden-floor hallway enhanced with 8 ways.
Sconces illuminate a hallway with style (architectureartdesigns)
8 Ways to Enhance Your Hallway with a Chandelier and Vase.
Sconces further enhance this hallway (bocadolobo)
A hallway with framed pictures.
Sconces help illuminate this hallway (chrissymusic)
An entryway with columns, rug, enhance your hallway.
The style of the sconce mirrors that of the front hallway pendant light (tidbitsandtwine)

3.  Family photos. If you have a box of family photos with no other space for them, frame and display them in the hallway.  Start a chronological history and let the walls tell the family story.

A staircase with a railing in a hallway.
Use the hallway as a family photo display (pixshark)
A hallway adorned with framed pictures.
Framed photos highlight this hallway (room-decorating-ideas)

4.  Art display. If you have a collection of art, consider your hallway a gallery.  Lay the pieces out on the floor first to get an idea of placement.  To further enhance the display, install downlights above selected pieces.

A hallway with framed pictures and a yellow chair that enhances your space.
Display artwork in the hallway for color and interest (archive-constantcontact)
8 Ways to Enhance Your Hallway with Framed Pictures
Artwork enhances this hallway and serves as a gallery (nancymeadowsdesigns)
8 Ways to Enhance Your Hallway with Framed Pictures.
The hallway as photo gallery (cnbhomes)

5.  Rugs. If your hallway is a long and cavernous space, soften and brighten it up with colorful runners.  To avoid slippage, place rug pads underneath.

A hallway transformed with a white rug and framed pictures, enhancing its aesthetic.
Hallway runners add softness and brighten up the hallway (room-decorating-ideas)
A dog enhancing a hallway rug.
A hallway runner softens and enhances (shelterness)
Enhance your hallway with a red rug.
Bright rugs add color to the hallway (shelterness)

6.  Statement piece. A large painting or an interesting tablescape at the end of the hallway gives a long hallway a focal point.

Decorating With White
8 Ways to Enhance Your Hallway with a painting of flowers in a vase.
A statement piece of art at the end of the hall (sipsoups)
A table adorned with vases to enhance your hallway.
A smart tablescape enhances a hallway (shelterness)

7.  Shelves. Have shelves inset into the walls or install your own if space allows.  For narrow hallways, consider ledges with narrow depths.  Take advantage of this space for additional storage of books or other items.

A bookshelf-lined hallway with a cozy rug.
Built-in shelving enhances this hallway space (home-useif)
A hallway with bookshelves, wooden floor, and enhanced design.
Shelving adds extra storage and display space to the hallway (bloglet)
8 Ways to Enhance Your Hallway with a black wall and wooden floor.
Narrow ledges enhance a narrow hallway space (umbrinco)

8.  Table. If you have the space, put a table with an attractive display in the hallway.  These work best for open upstairs hallways.  Accent the table with lamps for added illumination.

Ways to Enhance Your Hallway with Hardwood Floors and a Vase.
Enhance a wider hallway space with a table (avalonbuild.blogspot)
A hallway with a table and a mirror - 8 Ways to Enhance Your Hallway with a Table and Mirror.
A narrow table and mirror perfect for the hallway (freshome)

The hallway of your home doesn’t have to be empty and bland.  It is part of your home, connecting rooms and transitioning the space.  Let these ideas inspire you to create a gallery wall or additional storage.  Soften and illuminate the hallway with rugs and sconce lighting.  Display a favored collection on a table or at the end of the hall as a focal point.  Take a look down your hallway and decide how you would like to enhance it.


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