12 Modern Door Designs for Front and Interior Doors

Many of you probably remember swinging from the wooden doors of your ancestors’ houses. While that was always entertaining, and the wooden door design brings back fond memories, a lot has changed since wood was the preferred material for doors. Today, the sophistication and durability of materials like oak internal doors offer a contemporary twist, seamlessly blending nostalgia with modern aesthetics. We have switched from the heavier, more environmentally friendly blockboard doors to the conventional wooden ones. The number of alternatives you have when choosing your house’s main or door design has increased dramatically.

Front Door, Balcony, and Interior Door Design Ideas

The main entrance’s modern door design is unique compared to the other doors you use in the house. One notable difference is the positioning. A typical main door design for a home differs from internal doors in another sense because it is heavier. Let’s now examine the most recent interior and main door designs.

#1: Design of Glass Sliding Doors for the Balcony

Let in more natural sunlight with glass sliding doors. (Photo by magic bricks)

Would you like to go more European with these sliding French doors? This style of glass sliding door is necessary for increasing the brightness of places like this (and prettier). They are perfect for rooms with adjoining open areas, such as balconies.

#2: Design of a Wooden Door for a Large Entryway

Opt for substantial double wooden doors for a grand entrance. (Photo by Barney Frank)

A large wooden door design for your foyer is always a good choice. The idea of twin doors for large entryways is as old as a dark wooden door. Additionally, you can also use steel stoppers and handles to enhance it.

#3: Design for a Glass Door with a Wooden Frame

Use glass partitions to lend your space a more airy feel. (Photo by Pinterest)

The marriage of wood and glass exudes sophistication like nothing else. This wooden frame and glass door design is an excellent example of your interior doors. It makes the ideal partition if you need to separate any large rooms in your house.

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#4: Design for Folding Doors with a Black Metal Frame

Optimizes compact spaces with a folding door design. Photo by(Patio Interior)

The black metal-framed folding door design gives the room a modern appearance. An excellent choice if you want to add a simple yet striking accent to your living area while dividing space.

#5: Contemporary Designs for Sliding Doors

Swap glass for traditional doors. (Photo by Stylesatlife)

Sliding door ideas for a small kitchen are novel ideas. These sliding doors with aluminum powder coating add a contemporary touch while complementing the overall design.

PS: It keeps the open layout’s attractiveness while limiting the smoke and dust in the kitchen.

#6:  The Main Door’s Traditional Wood Carving Designs

Glamour with traditional main door designs for the home. (Photo by Magic bricks)

Indians have an unwavering affection for traditional carvings made of solid wood. One surefire technique to combine modern and traditional design is to use traditional wood carving patterns for the main door. Take a look at the main door’s classic wood carving, for instance. It gives the home’s stark white decor warmth and a dash of desi elegance.

#7: A Modern Door with Geometric Patterns for the Main Entrance

Make your door handles a prominent addition to your door design for your home. (Photo by urban company)

Do you like the typical wood carvings found at home entrances, then? Choose a modern door style for the main entry. This stylish, subtle main entrance modern door design features a grey door with patterns. It looks gorgeous because of the long, golden handle, which is a striking accent. When it comes to interior decor, this style of modern main entrance door design can be used as a statement piece.

#8: One of the newest main door designs are Etched glass with a frosty finish.

Try the latest designs of main doors with a frosted glass door. (Photo by amazon)

Traditional wood carving patterns are optional to make a statement with your main door. If you want to explore the newest main door designs, you might experiment with straightforward geometric patterns like this. Concerned with privacy? Be assured that despite the usage of glass in this front door design, it is not transparent due to the frosty finish.

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#9: A Glass and Wooden Detailed Main Door for a House

A Glass and Wooden Detailed Main Door for a House

Who would object if you had the room for a spectacular entrance? The main door’s traditional wooden carving design and gold handle, combined with the patterned wallpaper, give the room a posh feel. And don’t we adore the glass pockets that give the main door of this house the appearance of a classic jharokha?

#10: Traditional Front Door Designs for Color-Lovers’ Homes

Traditional Front Door Designs for Color-Lovers' Homes

You are correct if you think you have seen this before. The majestic fort entrances serve as inspiration for this wooden door design. For those who want to incorporate some Indian culture and heritage into their décor, this historically inspired door design is for you. Additionally, the splash of color is an excellent addition to classic main door designs.

Keep your wooden door design distressed to stay true to the origins of this style.

#11: LED lights and etched glass in a door

LED lights and etched glass in a door

With etched glass, you can give the door design for the pooja room additional diversity. This spotless single-door design has religious symbols engraved to indicate that it goes to the pooja room. It is impossible to overlook it because of the LED illumination!

#12: A fancy door with a resort-style design that opens the balcony

A fancy door with a resort-style design that opens the balcony

Such expansive areas call for an intriguing door design. The sliding doors in this living room have a Scandinavian vibe. This door also resembles a glass wall because it extends the entire length of the space.

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