How to Make Your Gallery Wall Unique

Unique gallery wall with a clock in the living room.

We’ve all heard much about the gallery wall in recent years.  Is it “in” or is it “out”?  Should frame styles and colors be matched?  Are diagrams and layouts necessary?  Designing a wall display gives your home personality and dimension.  If you want a formal look, there are certain rules that make your gallery wall organized and visually appealing.  However, if you want to create a gallery wall that is a bit eclectic and not so structured, here are ideas on how to make your gallery wall unique.

A living room with red walls and unique gallery wall.
Red paint and a mix of items spotlights this gallery wall (decoist)

Mixing artwork and prints with other elements creates a unique and interesting wall display.  When you think of a gallery wall, think in terms of what interests you and how you can make it more personal.  Add letters, clocks, mirrors, old signs and salvaged architectural elements to give your wall plenty of variety.

A unique gallery wall in a bedroom.
An eclectic wall gallery (lovelyhomedesigns)

Hanging a few distinctive dimensional pieces along with colorful artwork creates more of an impact and breaks up the lines of framed prints and canvases.

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Modified Description: A unique and green wall.
Unique items alongside prints and photos make a gallery wall interesting (dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot)
A living room with framed pictures and a birdcage showcasing a unique gallery wall.
Creative gallery wall (Pinterest)

Display a variety of frame sizes for a more interesting display.  Group together smaller similar pieces and balance them with larger frames.  Play with color to achieve a look that fits your style.

A unique home office with many framed pictures on the wall.
A variety of colors and art decorate this gallery wall (

To save your walls from multiple holes, which can be an issue in rental homes, attach artwork and other items to a corkboard or other type of display panel.  This also brings an extra dimension to your gallery.

A room with a table and chairs.
A unique gallery wall is accented with a cork board (apartmenttherapy)

Design a wall gallery behind a console table and incorporate a diverse collection of elements.  Include the table décor in the gallery to lead the eye to the display.  Varying heights of decorative elements enhance the wall display.

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How to Make Your Living Room Unique with Black and White Framed Pictures and a Zebra Chair.
Photographs, prints and metal art accent this gallery wall (popsugar)
A living room with a unique gallery wall.
A gallery wall framed by shelves (drivenbydecor)
How to create a unique gallery wall.
Unique items enhance this gallery wall (arcadianhome)
A unique gallery hallway with framed pictures and a table.
Well designed gallery wall (too-much-time)
A unique gallery wall featuring a mirrored table.
A mirror takes center stage on this gallery wall (

Create a wall of nostalgia with vintage prints, mirrors and objects.

A unique gallery wall with mirrors and pictures in a bathroom.
A gallery wall in the bathroom (dishfunctionaldesigns.BlogSpot)
A bedroom with a bed and framed pictures, showing how to make your gallery wall unique.
Eclectic and colorful gallery wall (

Balance items for more visual appeal.  One large print can be placed opposite several smaller accents.  Use a mix of materials and vary the direction with horizontal and vertical elements.

Create a unique gallery wall using a white dresser adorned with framed pictures, feathers, and a clock.
Unique elements make up this gallery wall (BHG)

Add a touch of the unexpected to your wall display.  Add pieces that tell a story.

A pink dress hangs on a unique gallery wall.
A variety of items and materials creates a unique gallery wall (omwoods.BlogSpot)

Mix in plates with artwork and signs for a variety of shapes.

A living room with a unique gallery wall.
A variety of objects makes this gallery wall interesting (dishfunctionaldesigns.BlogSpot)

Display collections or interesting items that make a statement.

A living room with a unique grey brick wall.
Collected items make a minimalized gallery wall look stylish (ispacedesign)
How to Make Your Living Room Gallery Wall Unique.
Unique collections make a gallery wall stand out (edenla.tumblr)

Creating a unique gallery wall can be accomplished with a variety of items and varying the shapes and sizes of artwork, prints and objects.  Make your gallery wall personal with collected items and unexpected elements.  Don’t take the rules too seriously and create something that tells a story.  This method will give you the most unique display.


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