11 Great Ideas for Repurposed Doors

A coffee table made out of reclaimed wood and wheels, repurposed.

In an age when everything old is new again, old doors are getting a second chance.  Seen in antique stores and at flea markets, old doors with peeling paint are an item that can be transformed into a functional and beautiful addition to the home.  Here are 11 great ideas for repurposed doors.

  1.  Folding Screen

You can either use several doors or cut one in half lengthwise to make a folding screen.  Attach hinges, paint or decorate and you have an instant room divider or decorative screen.  You can even hang pictures on them or install hooks for hanging clothing.  Embellish them with salvaged or new moldings.  Completely transform the doors by sanding and painting or leave them with their character-rich patina.

A mannequin room divider with repurposed doors.
Room screen from old doors (sortradecor)

2.  Sliding Room Divider

If you want to close off an open doorway in your home, you can construct a sliding mechanism and attach two doors to form a sliding room divider.  Similar to barn doors, this is an alternative that lends rustic charm to a room.

An old barn door in a dining room is one of the great ideas for repurposed doors.
Old doors repurposed as room divider (pinlavie)

3.  Table

You can repurpose an old door into a coffee table or dining table with just the addition of a base.  Sand the door to remove any loose paint and apply a coat of varnish to seal.  For  impromptu outdoor dining, drill holes in the door and thread rope through to hang from a tree.  Attach the door to a fence with hinges and brace with a folding leg from underneath or secure with a rope from the fence for a pull-down table.

A living room with a wooden door coffee table.
Repurposed door as table (usemeagain.wordpress)
A repurposed wooden dining table.
Dining table constructed of repurposed doors (videos-osbornewood)
A swing table in the woods.
Charming outdoor table from repurposed door (theownerbuildernetwork)

4.  Message Board

Paint a paneled door with chalkboard paint and create a unique message board.  This would make a nice addition to the kitchen or home office.

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A home office with a desk and a chalkboard featuring repurposed doors.
Message board from old door (diyinspired)

5.  Art

Create a work of art with paint, decoupage or wallpaper and place the decorative door in a room or outdoors in the garden.  Do nothing and leave the door in its original state for a rustic or shabby chic element.

A repurposed door with a red flower on it.
Art transforms old door (dishfunctionaldesigns.BlogSpot)
A chair in a room with a painted door.
Wallpaper adds distinct charm to this old door (dishfunctionaldesigns.BlogSpot)

6.  Wall Hanging

Turn a door into a unique wall hanging.  Use the whole door or cut it in half to display over the sofa.  Use the door as a base for a photo or painting display.  Enhance a fireplace mantel with salvaged doors to enhance the focal point of the room.

A living room with repurposed wooden doors on the wall.
An old door repurposed as a wall hanging (remodelista)

7.  Wall Panels

Repurpose old doors as wall panels for a stairwell, hallway or a feature wall.  Use them horizontally or vertically in the home for a mixture of interesting wall treatments.

An old door staircase.
Old doors used as wall panels (bobvila)

8.  Wall Sconce Base

Attach wall sconces to old doors and use them to frame a bed or highlight a wall in any room of the home.

A bedroom with a bed and dresser.
Wall sconces enhance old doors in the bedroom (lovelypapershop.BlogSpot)

9.  Garden Wall

Create a garden wall with repurposed doors for a charming outdoor retreat.  Use them in the yard or on a deck for a decorative privacy screen.

Repurposed window showcases wicker furniture on a charming patio.
Garden wall from old doors (Pinterest)

10.  Hall Tree

Create a stylish hall tree from an old door by adding a table, mirrors and hooks for a one-of-a-kind furniture piece.  A custom hall tree is a great addition to the foyer or a mud room.

Three old wooden chairs and a mirror in a field showcasing great ideas for repurposed doors.
Old doors repurposed into hall trees (hardware.idn.inc)

11.  Bookshelf

Cut out the center of the door and add shelves to the frame for a new bookshelf.  Create a corner bookshelf by cutting a door in half lengthwise, joining the edges and adding shelves.

An old door repurposed with books in a room.
Old door turned into a bookcase (homedecorista)
One of 11 great ideas for repurposed doors - a bookcase made from an old door.
Old door repurposed into bookshelf (Pinterest)

Open the door to creative ideas for repurposing salvaged pieces. Old doors can be transformed into unique pieces of art, room dividers, decorative screens, bookshelves, tables and many more one-of-a-kind pieces for the home.

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